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volume 1, issue 11

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loonyboi's Frag 2 Diary

By Jason "loonyboi" Bergman


10/30 - Airport Bar - 10:45 Central

So far as I can tell, i'm sitting in the "Airport Bar", since the place has no name that I can find anywhere (and of course, it's a carbon-copy of the same place you'll find is just about every single other airport in the country). I'm just sitting here, nursing a Sam Adams (it's no Guiness, but hey...i'm in freaking St. Louis) and waiting for my Jumbo Frank to arrive. There's a rather attractive blond girl sitting a few tables down with her boyfriend. She (and he) looks especially healthy...you have to wonder what's wrong with people who look like that...there's always something wrong with people who look that healthy, and it's usually a horrible story.

Oooh...lookit that...she just pulled out a bag of candy and offered it to the guy in the table next to her. How cute. She's definitely not from New York.

Turns out he's from Australia, "like Arnold". I missed where she's from, but she's a student on vacation, and on her way to Phoenix. I keep wondering if I should joing the conversation. Turns out the aussie's on his way to Dallas...cool.

This is all kind of fun, in that voyeuristic way. I haven't had an excuse to just sit and watch people for a long time. You can learn a lot by doing it...and hey...it's an excuse to get material. :)

Ugh. Why in God's name did I order a Hot Dog, anyway? This is nasty. I wonder if it's kosher. Oh well...at least i've got some patato chips with this. I could definitely go for a steak about now. Mmm...steak.

I think when I post this (if I post this...we'll see what happens when I actually get to Texas) I'll preface this with a disclaimer that much of it was written under severe sleep deprivation. Maybe that will keep people from thinking that i'm totally nuts. Which maybe decieving them, but hey...there's nothing wrong with sanity...it's just not for me, is all. :)

Woop...10 minutes to boarding...gotta get some smokes in before takeoff...

10/30 - On the Plane - 11:30 Central.

Well, that was a fun little experience. :)

So, I went off to the smoker's lounge to chain smoke a few before my next near-death experience...and ended up having a conversation with a couple of guys about the segregation of smokers.

Best line? "For a second there, I thought Howard Stern sat down next to me."

I get that from time-to-time. It always tells me something about a person by who they say I look like, Howard Stern, or John Lennon. These days I find myself getting compared to Howard Stern more often...perhaps that's a disturbing sociological trend or something.

Time to panic...only a few minutes left 'till takeoff. At least I've got an exit seat again...

10/30 - High on Bawls - 4:30 Central

So dig it. I show up, check in, and walk downstairs...smack dab into some guys from Ritual. And hey! They went gold. Big ol' congrats to the team at Ritual for that one.

I played a bit of Starsiege: Tribes, which the kids from Dynamix are showing off here. IT's a pretty cool game...definitely big levels, and lots of great stuff for teamplay fans.

Of course, as a die-hard one-on-one player, I was a bit let down by the fact that they won't be having anything that caters to other weirdos like myself...it's a tradeoff you have to make when designing a multiplayer only game though, I suppose.

I'm now nursing a bottle of Bawls (I can feel my heart attack coming already...this stuff has way too much caffeine in it) and watching the panel discussion on Sin by some Ritual kids (Tom "Paradox" Mustaine, Don "onethumb" MacAskill, and Levelord). The thing was supposed to be just Paradox, but hey...these guys are hams...let 'em live it up.

Interesting comments from them...they're saying that the demos were rushed...and that the game is actually much better. Considering that I loved the demo (played through it about six times in singleplayer mode, and played lots of DM) this bodes well for the final product.

One nice thing about the game that they're talking about, is the number of secrets.

Tom: "there's a strategy guide guy who's probably hating our guts about now."

Don: "you'll probably have to go through the entire game at least four times to catch everything."

They're saying a bit about the scripting system...Tom has said that in his spare time he's planning on doing an Operation: Bayshield for Sin, so look for that soon (and be sure to fwap him a few times if he attempts to back out). The scripting system definitely seems to be flexible...they've said things like Ms. Pac Man would be possible to do if anyone wanted. The in-game consoles are modified through an HTML style language that should make mod authors really take advantage of that.

Regarding net traffic: Don is saying that the net traffic is actually lower than Quake's even with the same number of people...and that they did modify the network codebase.

Minimum system requirements: they tested extensively on a p150, but the official specs are for a p166. It was tested on a p133 as well (I played the demo on a p133 and it ran just fine, for the record).

The AI in the game seems to be something to get psyched about that they haven't hyped at all. The game's "training arena" has bots that you can fight...they sidestep, blitz attack, hunt you down, etc. Sounds like good stuff.

The game has gone into manufacturing and should be in stores Real Soon Now. Woo! They mentioned the possibility of a Sin (full) deathmatch here tomorrow...have to look for that.

Oh, and regarding deathmatch...there's 14 DM specific levels (hey Monolith! You hear that? This is what Shogo should have had).

Hang on...i'm being asked to write something down (yeesh...this is what I get for sitting in the front row):

"Rub a dub dub"
- Levelord, in one of his ramblings on Elexis.

Anyway, regarding the press, they've decided to keep the press low on Fakk 2 for a while. They think they got the hype ball rolling a bit early with Sin. Expect little news for a while on this (and no, no word on the engine it'll be using yet...I asked).

Patch: the patch may include CTF and some other DM variants...no word on exactly what.

Oh, and for $2,200 Don "onethumb" MacAskill will make you a copy of Sin on 600 floppies. If someone doesn't take him up on this, it will be a real shame. Hey, that sounds like a great contest prize for loonygames...hm...something to think about (hey, The Frag 2 is giving away Carmack's piston!).

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