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volume 1, issue 11

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loonyboi's Frag 2 Diary

By Jason "loonyboi" Bergman


10/31 - Yow, Been Busy - 1:00 AM Central


What a scene, man...there's lots of people here...got to spend some time with Charles "BedMan" Bedfor, author of our article on LAN Parties...and a total screwball. :)

Now that there's lots of people here, there seems to be someone playing just about every game in existence...had the pleasure of getting my ass wooped by Polish, who considering that he's running this show, is looking well.

"[The] first match is underway, and everything that can go wrong, did go wrong"
- Idoru, Telefragged man, nice guy, and organizer of the impromptu CTF tournament.

"I love my malifluous influence"
- Stephen "Blue" Heaslip responding to comments about the presence of Bawls, the dangerously caffinated beverage.

This whole event feels much more fan-oriented than the CPL event last August...the hotel setting definitely helps, as this truly is a 24 hour thing. Dig: I've seen a couple of guys disappear for a few hours of sleep and come back holding a bottle of Bawls, ready for another day's worth of killing.

"The scrotally textured bottle"
- Blue referring to the strange packaging of Bawls, the unethically caffinated beverage.

Rix (one of the pro-gamers in the room) has sat down across from me, and is currently unpacking his gear. He's got his own keyboard, which is just a plain old keyboard...but hey, whatever works for him, I suppose. The really nutty thing here, is that he's got this custom mouse thing going.

Turns out that he really digs the coating on this one serial mouse (it's stylin', but more importantly it grips the hand well) bt with the PS/2 fix out to beef up the sampling rate in Windows (apparently it won't work on serial mice) he decided he needed a PS/2 mouse. So he actually spliced together the PS/2 connection to the serial mouse.

Now that's a hardcore gamer...gotta respect that.

Just a quick note to end this entry: it's just so damn cool to be here now that loonygames has launched...the frustrating things about the CPL event, was the fact that loonygames was something I wanted to keep quiet until launch (I know, i'm weird...but that's what I did). So while I was totally psyched about it, I couldn't tell anyone! Being here, and hearing from guys that read the site on a regular basis just plain rocks. Thanks guys!

10/31 - Happy Halloween! - 11:40 AM Central

Ugh. My continental breakfast never showed up. :(

Oh well...life goes on.

Ran into John Cash and son just now...they're all psyched for trick or treating. Or maybe that's just the lil' Cash...John was psyched to catch the Formula 1 race later.

Somewhere around here is that Piston from John Carmack's car...have to check that out before someone actually wins it.

Today should be great...as soon as I get some breakfast in me (and more importantly, coffee!) I've got to hook up with Scot and Darrien (our camera man) and get some interviews done. And of course, we've got John Carmack's talk at 4:00, followed by Paul Steed's, and then maybe a demo of the Sin gold master.

Coffee...need coffee.

And i've got a strange hankering for some Doom 2 deathmatch...have to get that in at some point today...

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Credits: This article is © 1998 Jason Bergman. All other content is © 1998 loonyboi productions. Unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited and totally not cool.