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volume 1, issue 11

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loonyboi's Frag 2 Diary

By Jason "loonyboi" Bergman


110/31 - 11:15 Central - Jethro Tull, Doom 2, and more!

What a weird afternoon.

So anyway, after Paul's talk, I headed up with him to the bar to shoot the skeet (aren't my metaphores clever?). Carmack was on, and it was quite expectedly standing room only in there, and it was being taped for me (look for that on Allgames.com soon) so i'll be sure to catch that later.

We did dip in for a bit, just to see what was going on...and like I figured, it was the standard Carmack thing: guy asks question, Carmack answers, guy is baffled by answer. I'm amazed by Carmack, because the guy is so damn smar that in a standing room only thing, there can't be more than five guys (if that) who actually understand what the dude's talking about. I just love looking at the rows of glazed eyes as he talks. :)

So anyway, me and Paul went back up for more of that patented loonygames drinking. After awhile, Paul had to go, but he mentioned that he might be in NYC soon, so I went off on my New York rant, pointing out that he's always welcome to drop by for a Guiness on me.

All of a sudden, this guy at the bar turns around, and says "I haven't found a good pint of Guiness in New York in 20 years."

So, I tell this scruffy guy (I'd guess he was about 50 or so...totally drunk, or at least well on his way) about TJ Byrne's (the official drinking hole of the loonygames staff) and tell him to drop in if he's ever in the area.

He says that he's in New York all the time...and that he's played Madison Square Garden 27 times.

Ooookay, I figure...he's someone interesting. So I ask who. Turns out that this dude is the guitarist for Jethro Tull.

Damn, is that strange. Man, when I was in High School, I totally lived for Jethro Tull. Killed me that I never caught 'em live. And here I was, standing in some bar in Dallas talking with the freaking guitarist! Bitchin'. Well, turns out that he's in town to play some Halloween gig...and guess what? Paul went off to hang with him. What a world...I tell you, what a world.

I did the dinner thing after that...Chris Johnson, (of 3DRealms, and one of those goofballs I like to hang with at these events) Chris Day (3D Portal, and Guest Editorial contributor) and of course Scot and Darrien, the AllGames crew were in attendence. You know, I really just dig hanging out at these things. I've played maybe 20 minutes total of gaming while i've been here...and that's fine with me. Besides...after the way Polish wooped my sorry behind in Doom 2 last night, I think i'll practice before trying that again...haven't had my ass wooped that bad since I played Polish, actually, at QuakeCon '97. That one was so bad, songs are sung of it. :)

Speaking of Doom, a great deathmatch went down here earlier between Rix and Romero (yeah, as in John). No screaming on John's part, but it was a really entertaining match to watch (and it was projected on the big-ass screens here, so there was a crowd).

Interviewed Angel earlier for AllGames...he's a really nice guy. Say what you will about the Cyberathletes...seeing him at one of these things, man...you know his heart's in the right place. Besides...his kid's really cute. ;)

"Why did six fear seven? Because Seven Ate Nine"
- Angel Munoz's kid...how cute is that? :)

That was fun...we talked about all the games people are playing here and there really are a ton of 'em. Angel mentioned that there were a whole bunch of people that showed u late this evening.

Why? To play in, of all things, the Age of Empires tournament. In a word or two? Gofreakingfigure! When you think about an event like this, you picture the standards: Quake, Quake 2, Doom...but never a real time strategy game.

But hey...that's cool. Whatever brings people together's definitely cool by me.


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Credits: This article is © 1998 Jason Bergman. All other content is © 1998 loonyboi productions. Unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited and totally not cool.