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volume 1, issue 13

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Graphic Content:
Back Again

By Christopher "shaithis" Buecheler

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Adding a motion blur gives the appearance of movement. Too much, tho, and the effect will look unnatural.

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Water stains are not as straight and unnatural looking as the ones created by the motion blur, so adding some distortion effects is usually a good idea. In this case, I'm working with a very slight "ocean ripple" to tear up the edges of the stains a bit.

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Adjusting levels can help give you better control over how thin/thick your whites and blacks are. In this case, I've thinned down my stains a bit.

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Bringing the grid back up, I select all of the areas I _don't_ want affected, and fill them with black.

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Now I've turned our channel's visibility off, and returned to my layers. I make a new layer, choose Select:Load Selection, and choose "#4" (which would show up as a channel name, if I'd named that channel).

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Because invert was checked, the only thing that's selected is our stain area (rather than everything except the stain). I've filled this selection with black. Photoshop does its best to identify the borders of the selection, but in cases with varying opacity, you're sometimes going to see areas being affected that don't have a selection border. Not a huge deal, especially since we made this change on its own layer.

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