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volume 1, issue 13

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Thinking Outside the Box:
A Peek Inside My Brain

By Paul "Villam" Steed

Click for fullsize image

Cool. Let’s pretty up the edges and scope ole Sleeg out sans the guide outline and think about the next shape to do.

Click for fullsize image

What the hell. Let’s do the torso next and just extrude that bitch of a guide line. Add a few segments for shaping and voila…

Click for fullsize image

‘Edit mesh’ the verts, scaling and moving a little and start to give him some girth…

Click for fullsize image

Now it’s time to optimize a little and see what we can do about making Sleeg look less like Bowzer from ‘Super Mario 64’.

Click for fullsize image

For clarity’s sake let’s hide everything but the torso and go a step further and select and hide all the faces but the front neck faces. The way I isolate a bunch of faces like these is a little bassackwards. I actually select the faces I want to keep visible since there’s only about 15 of them or so and a couple hundred of the other ones. I hide them using the ‘hide’ button under the face sub-object. Then I select all the other faces and simply hit ‘unhide’ all revealing the now unselected faces I just hid. This is to overcome a lack of ‘select invert’ in the face sub-object menu. Then I push some verts around to recess the neck giving it a shell appearance.

Click for fullsize image

Now comes some edge dividing and turning and that kinda smack.

Click for fullsize image

After I get it somewhat like I want I go ahead and delete the left half of the object. I do this since it behooves you to work on one side of a symmetrical object and then copy/mirror it to the other side and attach and join them.

Click for fullsize image

Let’s hide the half shell and unhide the other objects and see what’s next. Spike action on the back looks ripe. Let’s do it.



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