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volume 1, issue 14

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By Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman

BostonChick. When I first ran across her website, she was one of the famous Rangers, the makers of Rangers Gone Bad, and the like. She had quite a reputation as a kick ass player, as well as running a great site. Sheís now a member of the same clan as me (PMS!), and I know now that in addition to the site, and amazing Quake skills, sheís an all around great person, and a pleasure to interview. :) So meet BostonChick!

Name/rank/serial number? Well, my full name is Adriana Brown. Kinda weird, plain and different all in one. I am the high priestess of my home

How long as bostonchick.com been up? Probably ~2 years come January, after about 10 major redesigns too. It was going to be a movie page originally,

A movie page? Like movie reviews and the such. I was silly. It was alot of work so I said, screw it.

So I decided to make it on the only game that ever caught my eye. The only other news page I had seen at the time was Redwood's and Blue's so I said, what the hell, and started typing away ;) Although, there were a few other news sources out there, I didnít see PlanetQuake until about 2 months into playing when lagitus told me about it.

So you went to Quake instead...is that easier? Its hard keeping the site up at times. I was doing it alone until about a month back when Dusa joined the crew. Now I have a few more people, Rora, Alpha_Male and Soul_Tear, so its getting easier now.

How has the site changed since it started? The graphics at first were SO bad and the content was meaningless. It was on my ISP too, I think earthlink. And I was busting my butt, always wanting to get more viewers or visitors. I decided to sit down and think of a way to be different then most pages out there but thatís nearly impossible to do with some of these HUGE sites around, all hosting the kids. But, I still love it, its a good hobby, keeps me busy and off of the boobtube

What do you see in the future for your site? Oh man, thatís so hard to say... So much has been happening lately. I am hoping to go to GameGirlz as a sister site seeing as how I may be able to shoot down the Quake(2) news while they report other gaming news. I have a few ideas also about additions to the site

but I want to keep em to me and my crew =)

Ideas get taken so quickly

You recently added a new section to your site, though, right? I added a Featured Modification every month a new mod will be featured. Explaining in detail how the mod works and some strategy, places to find tourneys (if available) and the such. =) So far RA2 and LMCTF have been featured. Iím torn on Dec's issue. Not sure what I want to review, hopefully I can find a CTF fanatic to write one up like QB did for LMCTF. It comes better from people who love the mod. I reviewed RA2, thatís my fav =)

My favorite section of your site is the rants...any new rants? :) I get that all the time. I get some strange emails from ppl that want to write there own rants in response to mine. I have a few in my head, I just gotta find the time to do it. Iím also thinking of adding a Readers Rant collection of those emails I gather. They are funny as hell.

I had one guy write ~5 printed pages on my bank rant. Sometimes co workers will read them tho

then Iím embarrassed.

You've been around in the clan scene longer than most people, I think, having been part of one of the first 'big' clans. What was it like then? I started off in Lagitus. They were huge, probably 100 players but of course only about 25% played. It was to hectic for me, so I went to Rangers. My time with the Rangers was very strange.

I have alot of strong opinions about them, some which I wouldnít ever say to anyone. Best kept in my head. :) But at first they were a bunch of legends. Zoid, Blue, ColdSun, ArchV, UnknownSoldier, and many more. Alot were like family, alot were like enemies. You just knew they hated me being in the clan. The first and only female such a highly regarded clan at the time. They were all kick ass too!

I got into the clan a short time after the last movie was made. I made voices for 2 movies

that were never completed. Ya know, the Rangers got a bad rep when they didnít get out their 2 movies, and it really sucks too. I donít know if anyone has noticed but its near impossible to make a Q2 movie.

Is the clan scene now different? Yes!

The clan scene has changed DRAMATICALLY. When I first started people played all the time (when they were free). Clans were close, like family and I have noticed alot of good close old school clans falling down due to lack of interest. Q2 had a huge impact on the Quake community and clans...its 50 - 50, so it cut the community in half. Either they like it or they hate it. Very rarely you see clans playing both versions successfully.

So, you recently switched clans. Was it the change in the clan environment that lead to the switch? Well, it was a little more than environment, but you could say that was a factor. Everything changed in the Rangers. Iím not saying for the worse...but just different. And my leadership roles within the clan were null. I was one of the oldest members left in the clan when I left

there was alot of everything involved. Plus, I think it was time for a change, going from an almost all male clan to a all female clan was a big move. I always have had my eye on PMS. They were the first clan I ever looked into...I think there was 3 or 4 members at the time. I would hang out on the server. One time I emailed and asked to be let in. I donít think I was ever contacted. It was almost 2 yrs ago =)

I feel more comfortable with PMS (no pun intended)

Were you into gaming before Quake? Actually, no, not really. I played Duke Nukem for a bit on-line beta testing for TEN, but when they started charging I dropped it. Quake was a free online game with plenty of players and it was fun as HELL.

What are your favorite games now? I have to say, on the single player side...Half-Life rocks my world. I mean TOTALLY. It is so scary. Iím petrified of heights and I was soooooo scared to move half the time, everything is SO high. Dunno WHY. I canít even look out a 5 story window

What's your favorite multiplayer game? And you have to ask? QUAKE 2! I havenít found a game more smooth and fun than this. Most games are laggy as hell...sin, unreal, and supposedly Half-Life. I donít like games like Starcraft. Itís ok for single player, but multi is also too slow. I like quick paced ;)

Thanks BeeCee! Check out BostonChickís site at http://www.bostonchick.com!


- Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman is an associate editor for loonygames.



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