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volume 1, issue 14

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Thinking Outside the Box:
A Peek Inside My Brain (part 2)

By Paul "Villam" Steed

click for fullsize image

Things start to speed up, now. Deleted the end middle vertices and scale alternate rows of verts. I rotated the object so the verts are head on and then scale in the xy planes from the 'screen' coordinate perspective.

click for fullsize image

Moved the ab verts around some more (didn't like the extreme accordion look). Also just realized the alternate route to scale the verts should have been as before and by a row by row basis. Used a cylinder primitive to start the hips: a rotated 7 x 2 this time. I'll worry about the spikes as I go.

click for fullsize image

Scaled and rotated the verts to conform with the general shape. Just went ahead and deleted the center end verts. Fuck it.

click for fullsize image

Built up the spikes on the back. Divide, divide, turn, merge, divide, turn again, divide some more as I make my way down.

click for fullsize image

Start checking out the ab fit in the hips and scale the insertion point in some. It's also apparent that the ends are going to be capped instead of recessed, Too many faces.

click for fullsize image

Capped the hips and artfully turned edges for awhile to avoid any kind of extrusion. Merged a couple verts too close to each other. HAHAHA HA! take that you extraneous little shits!

click for fullsize image

Capped the back end and divided the long diagonal to give dimension to the ass end. From the sketch there's something going on but tail, or what? Turned some edges to give creases and it turned out okay.

click for fullsize image-

Unhid everything and scaled the back of the torso out and merged some verts at the bottom. Also scaled verts of the abdomen in at the very bottom and 'select' merged them one pair at a time. Deleted some verts on the top forward part of the abs that were obscured by the torso.

click for fullsize image

Alright, did some tucks and nips on the back of the torso since it somehow became 'un' symmetrical. Scaled the abs in some more so they'd fit within the torso during animation.

click for fullsize image

I spend quite a bit of cogitation as I decide to start on the legs (at least 3 minutes). But in the end I go with what works. I start with the main leg part and build a 5 x 2 cylinder rotating it so a flat edge is up. Then I tweak the verts, divide the bottom edge twice and try to approximate the contour of my guidelines as much as I can. I scale out the end middle verts instead of deleting them so I can get a handle on the rounded ends of the leg.

click for fullsize image

For the top of the main leg where it looks like some armor plating is going on I simply extrude the line and divide the top faces so I can pull down the edges. This gives the armor dimension and allows me to weld a few verts near the knee. It also gives me a separate object to assign different Physique attributes to later on and retain a hard armor look.

click for fullsize image

Now I go to work on the edges of the armor plating rotating the verts in by 16 degrees on either side from the front approximating an taper effect (because I frustratingly cannot make fucking 'taper' work as a full-blown modifier). I shape the plating so it more closely approximates the leg and delete the back middle vertex of the main leg.


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