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volume 1, issue 15

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Livin' With The Sims: theAntiELVIS explores the wild and wacky world that is Will Wright's The Sims, asking the inevitable quesiton, "is The Sims the first step toward a virtual life where everyone is Swedish?"

Pixel Obscura: Josh Vasquez on Omikron: The Nomad Soul.

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Pointless Audio: Not for the squeamish, but definitely for the nutty.


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Captain Immy




By Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman

PointlessAudio was one of those weird cases where someone pointed me to a website they hated, and I loved it. (Come on, we all know thatís happened to everyone at least once.) Captain Immy and his Real Audio show was hysterical. Some of his fans like to call him the Howard Stern of gaming...itís pretty safe to say thatís a good description of his show. Time to turn the tables on the guy whoís always talking about other people, ya think?

Name/Rank/serial number: Captain Immy / Professional p1mp ass bitch / (Uses Half-Life Serial Generator)

What is Pointless Audio? According to Yahoo -- "ribald humor audio show done by Capt. iMMY. includes some amusing prank calls."

According to Me -- Just something I threw together one day because my plans were canceled

Basically, I used it as a soapbox to step on, and yell at people in the "community" that I felt deserved it for one reason or another. (Usually jealousy)

In the process of, well, slamming various people in the community, you seem to have made a few enemies. How does that make you feel? I take it like this... Before PointlessAudio, I never knew Blue, Thresh, The PQ Staff, anyone. As far as I knew, they were just names on pieces of HTML that I happened to load now and then. Sometimes I would become angry, upset, or aroused by what I saw with their names on it. Did I ever bother to "E-Mail (them) my questions or comments"? Get real, we all know that they probably don't even read all of their mail. Besides, what's emailing the guy with the opposite opinion going to do? So, when I launched PA, I threw my opinion out there, and people responded. If it makes (insert 423647234632 names here) mad at me, so what... *bleep* them... It's sort of a, for lack of a better word, accomplishment. The fact that I used to be an unknown to (insert name) here, and now he's irate because of something he heard me say... how great is that? :) <yes, I know Iím an ass>

I lead dual, if not triple lives. One is a drummer, the other is a p1mp ass m0f0 (a.k.a. REAL LIFE), and a POINTLESS AUDIO life. When I sit in front of my computer, I'm either downloading pr0n, or making fun of people because I don't share their opinion. The MOMENT (in most cases) I push the keyboard back and/or mop-up, I let it all go. Nothing affects me. If (insert name) wants to be angry with me... fine... he/she will end up taking that home with them. Not me, I can call the entire PQ staff toss-salad fanatics, then go have a lovely dinner... (no pun intended). Lately, certain aspects of PA have been intruding into my personal life, yet, they are entirely for the positive... so, to summarize my answer for you... How does it make me feel?.... they can suck my left nut.

Speaking of Planet Quake...how do you like that GameSpy t-shirt? Care to tell our readers how you got it? :) *Laughs* You know... hehehe.. I must say, who the hell gave me that shirt again?... Fargo? Yeah .. hehehe... aside from having WAY to much chest hair (and strangely erect nipples) Fargo was absolutely awesome :)

At the PGL, I was consistently bitching about not getting free stuff... That's pretty much why I went... So when I didn't even get a thing (aside from the oral favors from that lovely group of homeless people), I wanted a GameSpy t-shirt... I mean, it does look sorta cool, and I was hoping people would think I was an elite hacker or something. So, when no shirts were left over, Fargo mentioned he only had the shirt on his back... heh... I remember saying, "Well get naked"... heh.... the rest *insert 70's slap porn bass*, was history.... :) ... AND FOR THE RECORD : I never made fun of Fargo :)

(For the record, let me state I don't remember either of those facts about Fargo) :) (sure Steph.... I know I had the same effect on you >:)

Who are you in REAL LIFE? Well, heh.... I think I am just a guy ... well.. err.. I dunno... here... lemme diagram it...

8=====================================D [Editor's note: this had to be cropped...it didn't fit into our page layout!]

(And I scaled down by a lot)....

I think most people would say, I hope, that I'm rather helpful and nice. I know I'm constantly annoying as hell (like that kid with ADD that everyone throws stuff at in P.E).... I can't even believe how you guys put up with me at the PGL :) ... heh... but I guess I'm just a little kiddie with a slightly adult sense of humor.... I don't really know who I am... damnit... now you've made me mad.... argh...

How old are you? (had to pick up on the 'slightly adult' part) Yeah... I suppose :)...

I'm 15, turning 16 in a few.... although, just ask my "women".... I'm a LOT more mature.... *see diagram above* >:)

What does the future hold for Pointless Audio? As far as the future of PA, I honestly don't know.. I HOPE I know where it's going, but the Internet is not a friendly place. I figured PA would be just another flash-in-the-pan... ya know, the flavor of the month... yet it took off pretty quick... I guess since I've got this far, and ABSOLUTELY CRUSHED ALL THE IMPOSTER SHOWS (evil laugh :)... heh... It's time to go to video... so millions of Internet surfers can become stimulated by my sexy ass. If all goes well, I'll be doing that on a little site called AllGames.Com... you may have heard of it... They mostly feature shows about knitting and homosexual-llama-porn... but... hehehehe :)

We like AllGames here at loonygames. *was about to make a really rude comment...* :)

hrmpf. Naw... I love AllGames too.. and I love loony... because I KNOW that loony absolutely ADORES ME!!! :) [Editor's note: I can feel the love]

What are your favorite games? Could you possibly make that a bit broader so I can contort it into something sexual?... >:)

Games? WOO HOO...

*conjures up several names for sex games, yet must let them remain unheard, because dinner is upon me*

I love Quake1, Half-Life owns me, Doom (1 and 2), and even *gasp* Duke3D... only because it's really fun beating people to death on Kali.... There's a tip for people who constantly SUCK at Quake/HL on the Internet.... Join a game on MPlayer/Kali or some other cheesy ass gaming service... you'll feel like a champion in no time... in fact, I wooped a guy named "Thresh" the other day.... *grin* :)

There are probably a lot of guys named "Thresh" on Kali. :) SHHH!!!! STOP!!! :) .. Don't say that! :) I like to pretend I wooped "THE" Thresh... damnit.. my vision of the championship is fading... man!!... now I suck again.. *cry*

Awe...sorry. That makes two of us :)

What are your favorite websites? OH MAN!... I know I LOADED Question when I see one... so Iíll cleverly dodge it :)

Nooo...not loaded!




www.PointlessAudio.com --- This site is HELLA funny >:)

and for some odd reason

www.AllGames.com ... --- It fits in with the rest of the porn >:)

Seriously tho... heh...I go to BluesNews a lot, I hit Sharkey's now and then, and occasionally cruise on over to..... (thinking)...... OH YEAH.. The ShugaShack... not because sCary is actually good with news or anything, he's just funny as hell . :)

<And I watch GameTime religiously....> :)

Thanks! :) Check out Pointless Audio (not for the faint at heart), at http://www.pointlessaudio.com!

- Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman is an associate editor for loonygames.



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