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volume 1, issue 17

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Thinking Outside the Box:
Steed Gets a Tat




By Paul "Villam" Steed

Anything I say comes from me and represents my personal opinions, views and subtle plans for influencing society. Read, ruminate over and remember at your own risk. If I teach you something and it helps, teach someone else.

’m a rebel. I admit it. In order to think outside any box you have to be somewhat rebellious to the establishment or established way of thinking. In whatever surrounding I find myself, I always try and strategize the best or better way to go about things. Mulling over the best way to approach a problem I’ll occasionally suffer this meltdown as endless strings of possible solutions clog up my brain. Can’t…seem…to…make…a…a…decision! This almost always occurs if I haven’t cleaned my office for awhile when I have a million papers and bits and parts and things lying around begging to be put in their respective homes. My solution when I feel the mental/organizational frazzlement coming on is to lump everything into a big pile and sort and pick through it.

I love mental and corporeal organization more than anything but I’m also pretty damn impulsive. I’m not a freak by any stretch (I have had occasion to freak out) , and I’m definitely not conservative. I like finding where the edge is and doing what comes naturally. Pushing it. For over fifteen years now I’ve wanted a tattoo. Of what brought on the aforementioned meltdown type of brain activity so I just thought, hey…when I see the design or think of the design, it’ll be the right one. And I knew there was no way I could put an image on my bod that I didn’t create (who could I bitch at?) Well I dig Dragons so I knew it would have to be a part of the tattoo. I also knew I wanted it to wrap around my arm (I admit to thinking the Ultimate Warrior was one badass mofo…) or ankle (easy to roll the sock up and hide it). And how can a tattoo for a guy not have some naked chick incorporated into it?

So in a fit of inspiration on a plane ride back from Los Angeles, I sketched out this design of a dragon biting and gripping itself (kinda like it justified him being wrapped…like it was restraining it self or something). I think the idea came from a Boris Vallejo painting that always stuck in my head. It had this dragon tattoo in the process of coming to life on a guy’s arm and decided to start biting the skin that used to wear it. Very striking image. I’d been cleaning the sketch up over the past four months when it occurred to me: where’s the naked woman? So I incorporated an attractive woman into the design. Naked of course.

So I added the chick, sized the image to circle my arm, printed it out, cut it out and wore it on my arm for a day to see what I (and others) thought. I re-sized it changed a few things and then came up with this…

click for fullsize image

But after some more thought and lots of cleanup I came up with this revision…

click for fullsize image


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