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volume 1, issue 19

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Graphic Content:
Creating a Hand Drawn Texture





By Christopher "shaithis" Buecheler

ey all. Running behind on deadlines this week. Eww. But, after I got a pleasant ICQ from my fearless editor asking for this article, I figured it might be a good idea to actually write it. So, here we are at my "Hand-Drawn" tutorial. Time to include some disclaimers, as my articles seem to do. First, when I say "Hand-Drawn" (which I won't be quoting or capitalizing from this point forth), I don't mean "every pixel placed by hand, with the mouse". Hand-drawn simply means (for me) "no photo-base used". Now, in this particular texture (albeit not until the next article) does in fact deal quite a bit with "true" hand-drawn work. I'll be using my tablet to add a lot of detail. But this half of the article is almost exclusively filters. So...don't hate me for calling it hand-drawn. :)

Anyway, on with the texture.

click for fullsize image!

Make a 512x512 image. Make a new layer. Fill that layer with brown.

click for fullsize image!

Add a light bit of noise. I do this with almost _all_ of my hand-drawn textures. It helps (especially when size is reduced) to give a more convincing, random, "real-world" feel to them.

click for fullsize image!

Using Eye Candy's "HSB noise" feature, I added in some "wood grain" (not very realistic just yet).

click for fullsize image!

Now I'm reducing size using my patented "drop halfway....

click for fullsize image!

...sharpen and drop the rest of the way" technique. MAKE SURE you flatten your layers before resizing like this (I didn't, and thus had to go through a bunch of trouble to get rid of a seam that appeared). This leaves us with....

click for fullsize image!

A 256x256 wood grain. I added some light shadows and hilights with the dodge/burn tool. Still not terrifically realistic looking, but that's not a problem. See, we're going to be doing a lot of work with the dodge/burn tool next week.

(Continued on next page)


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