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volume 1, issue 21

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Community Profile:




By Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman

I first met GEORGIANA during her tryouts for our clan, wow, ages ago, it feels like. She was shy, but an amazing Quake player. Not much time later she was redoing our website, and taking charge when needed. She has been an integral part of PMS for a while now, and she is webmaster of the clan site. Recently, she has started turning her time towards a new site, the 3D Nexus, and winning the "Best Clan Skin" award at the QWF awards. I decided it was time to make Geo talk about herself. :) (yeah, I know, Iím interviewing another clan member. Sue me.)

Name/rank/serial number? GEO/if I told you Iíd have to kill you

You just won the 'Best Clan Skin' award for the Clan PMS skin over at the Quake Womenís Forum awards. Have you been making skins for long? Well I dot make skins very often, but I started out about..hmm a year and a half ago maybe...did a few QW skins, mostly with the paper dolls set with some modifications, then eventually tinkered with q2 skins when that game came out.

I was very shocked the PMS skin got 'best clan skin' award, considering I dot really take my skins seriously =)

What do you take seriously? hehehe :) hmmm...not much now that I think about it...haha

But seriously, I do take my job at the nexus seriously, otherwise I wouldnít be doing the site now would I! =)

What exactly is the Nexus? The 3D Nexus is a site which we hope, in time, to become a great resource for information on games of all kind previews, interviews, reviews, files...you name it =)

What do you do there? I am Assistant Director and Head Archivist...I do a various number of things, but right now my main focus is uploading files to the FTP and getting them listed on the site

How long have you been into gaming? hmm...*thinks far back* about 3 years only been doing online gaming about 2 years...give or take a few months

How did you get involved? Were you a computer-person, but just into games? I was always a tech-minded person...even when I was little and didnít know what a computer was! (I could program the VCR and record my own shows at age 5..lol)

My uncle George was playing Hexen (or maybe Heretic..cant remember) one day and I saw it, and asked if I could play.

Then I got hooked up with my first REAL computer (I donít count the old tandy I had..hehe) and got it loaded up with all kinds of games.

Then I discovered the Internet (wow!) and discovered that I could play the games I liked so much against other real people (WOAH!!) and Iíve been here since! hehe

My very first online game was frustrating but addicting!

Youíve been in both a co-ed, and now an all-female clan (PMS). Do you find being in an all-female clan to be different than a co-ed one, having been in both? It all depends on the people. In comparison to the very first clan I was in, it is a very good difference. After joining PMS I felt that I was on much more level ground with my clanmates than in my old clan where I was treated more like a secretary/cheerleader

In PMS I feel like an equal, and I feel like I have a special bond with my clan sisters, they are more than just people I play quake with now and again!

What are your favorite games? Right now Iím into Half-Life and RA2...Unreal is pretty good in LAN deathmatch (speaking of which, ill probably be getting my butt wh00ped this weekend at the ICE LAN..)

*dr00l* I have yet to test out the latest half life patch....stupid real life keeps getting in the way!

You've been to a few LAN parties...do you see the LAN scene as growing? Yes! I would be totally shocked if LAN parties died out. they are *SO* much FUN!!!

its always a trip to get blown up by a rocket, yell a few choice words and hear the person who just fragged you laugh out loud! =)

You've also played in a number of on-line tournaments. What do you think the future is there? LAN party type tournaments, or more on-line stuff? Tournaments are good, but I feel that LAN tournaments are easier. Things work out better when you have all the people in the same room and you can talk to them, set up private servers and what not. and you donít usually have to worry about lag!

But online tournaments will always be more popular because more people can participate (no long distance travel necessary)

What are your favorite websites? hmm

I visit a variety on a daily basis but hmm...lets see if I have to pick my top 3 fav gaming related sites...

www.gamegirlz.com, www.razorzedge.com, nexus.telefragged.com

I frequent www.slashdot.org for my geek news fix

Thanks! ! Check out the 3D Nexus at http://nexus.telefragged.com!

- Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman is an associate editor for loonygames.



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