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volume 1, issue 23

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Graphic Content:
Creating a Hand Drawn Texture
(part two)



By Christopher "shaithis" Buecheler

eadlines, vacations, tons of stuff to make up. Sorry about the "rerun" last issue. These things happen. :) This issue's going to be pretty brief, but hopefully it'll show you what you can do with hand-drawing. Now, I want to get something clear here...I'm an okay pixel artist, but I'm no Kenneth Scott or Rowan Crawford or whatever, so this won't be up to their incredible level of craftsmanship.

Okay, so when last we left off, we had a nice piece of hand-drawn wood. Here it is again as a reminder:

click for fullsize image

Now we're going to take that, and turn it into a trim. To start out, I've added some very basic shadows and hilights using the dodge/burn tool and my tablet. You get something that looks like this:

click for fullsize image

Not particularly nice looking at the moment, but the pattern I'm trying to develop should be pretty obvious.

click for fullsize image

This is just a shot of the texture a little further along in progress. I'm using my art tablet, and the dodge/burn tools, to add in detail.

click for fullsize image

I've now selected a specific area to work on. I want to darken this edge without having the burning bleed into the light area above it. Defining a selection's the easiest way to do this.

click for fullsize image

Here we have the texture with the top section mostly finished. I also added a little bit of RGB noise to it, just for a bit more of a "random" look. I usually use "monochrome" and not RGB, but with browns the multi-color blend tends to look more realistic.

(Continued on next page)


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