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volume 1, issue 23

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Graphic Content:
Creating a Hand Drawn Texture
(part two)

By Christopher "shaithis" Buecheler

click for fullsize image

Offsetting the texture by 128 horizontal pixels shows that the edges don't line up exactly (big surprise there :). This needs to be corrected so that the final version will tile decently.

click for fullsize image

Correction is really easy. Just a little dodge/burning, and a tiny bit of rubber stamping, and mr Seam has gone the way of the Dodo.

click for fullsize image

I've copied the top section (I know, I'm such a lazy jerk. Actually...it's because I'm way behind deadline for this article due to my vacation and the repercussions that had on various deadlines. Sorry!) and am offsetting it by 128 pixels to help avoid things looking too symmetrical.

click for fullsize image

Adding in the bottom shadow, now. Just a simple burn with the tablet.

click for fullsize image

Always check your tiling. Here I've noticed that the vertical seam leaves a lot to be desired.

click for fullsize image

Using the burn tool, I smoothed out that central seam (after offsetting the texture by 64 vertical pixels). I also took this opportunity to very quickly touch up the shadow area, which had a few seams.

click for fullsize image

I decided the image was pretty much ready to go at this point, and resized it to its game-ready size of 128x65. A problem popped up almost immediately...the shadow lines were now too specific.

click for fullsize image

Some more touchup work with the burn tool produced a texture I was relatively happy with.

click for fullsize image

Just a final tiling test. The texture artifacts a bit heavily, but as trim it's likely to be used in a relatively shaded place, and probably not repeated on top of itself multiple times. This will help to keep the artifacts from being easily noticed.

Hope this was educational for ya'll. I have to admit that it's not my area of expertise (gimme my digital camera any day ;) but it is pretty cool to change things up once in awhile and hand-draw some stuff. Thanks for reading! Next week I'll be talking about the importance of base textures, and why they're often referred to as "glue" textures.


Christopher Buecheler


- Christopher Buecheler is a freelance 2D artist.


Credits: Graphic Content is © 1999 Christopher Buecheler. All other content is © 1999 loonyboi productions. Unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited, so don't do it, or we'll paint you white against a white background.