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volume 1, issue 24:
February 8 - 12, 1999

Note: in celebration of President's Day, the next scheduled update of loonygames will occur on Tuesday, February 16.

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Featured Article: Gimme Your Money!

James Hague, a shareware publisher himself, looks back at the strange and suprisingly profitable days of shareware.

Regular Columns:

  • From the Mouth of Madness: loonyboi caves in...it's more high-res Mario 64! (and even some sort of editorial...but who cares about that?). (2/8)

  • Pixel Obscura: Josh Vasquez checks out the beautiful but vague Xenogears. (2/9)

  • Pad Happy: Nick F. chronicles the history of the racing game. From Pole Position to Ridge Racer Type 4. (2/4)

  • How'd They Do That?: John Carmack, Tim Sweeney, and Mark Frohnmayer answer your questions. How cool is that? (2/10)

  • The MailBag: Strange characters...and putting the blame on Microsoft. (2/12)


Developer's Corner:

  • Thinking Outside the Box : Paul Steed's off working on Quake 3: Arena this week, but check out this archived edition where he documents the skinning of the popular Shauna model. (2/9)

  • Beaker's Bent: Socially responsible games? (2/10).

  • Code on the Cob: Chris Hargrove's in crunch mode this week, so why not check out the first installment of COTC? Great reading for non-programmers and programmers alike. (2/3).

  • Graphic Content: Chris Buecheler delivers part two in his hand-drawn texture tutorial. (2/3)

  • Behind the Curtain: Part two of what it's really like to program for a next-generation console. (2/11)


Guest Editorial:

  • Randy Pitchford : Look back at what really happened at Rebel Boat Rocker, with a former designer on Prax War. (2/11)


Community Profile:

  • Trixter: Our chat with the guy behind EGN and Warzone.com. (2/12)


Off the Shelf:

  • Geek Toys : Come sit in the Intensor chair with us! (12/10)

  • The Top Shelf: Apparently teamplay can be fun, or at least it is in Tribes. Who knew? (2/11)

  • The Bargain Bin: loonyboi proves once and for all, that he don't know jack. (1/21)



  • User Friendly : Illiad's kick butt comic strip has landed at loonygames! Updated every day! (DAILY)

  • Penny Arcade: Our flag is not in our base! (it's a Tribes thang) (2/12)


Credits:Cover Illustration © 1999 Chris Buecheler. All other content is © 1999 loonyboi productions. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited, and a waste of your time, because we'll find out about it. We've got spy satelites. Seriously. And put some clothes on, for goodness' sake.