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volume 1, issue 25

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Chris Day




By Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman

There are websites that are run by personalities. By people that jump out of the page at you, tell you about them. And then there are sites where the webmaster takes the back seat, that are just about THE GAME. Or THE COMPANY. Straightforward, you know you’ll always find what you’re looking for there, chock full of stuff websites. Chris Day is Editor-In-Chief and Hosting Manager of five of them. Pretty impressive, eh?

Name/rank/serial number? Chris Day/Editor-In-Chief, Hosting Manager/0.00

What is 3D Portal? 3D Portal is a site dedicated to news and information on 3D Realms' games, with specific sites for each game like Dukeworld for the Duke Nukem series, Wangsdojo for Shadow Warrior, and House of Payne for Max Payne. We've offered free web hosting to sites in the 3D Realms community since the first few Duke Nukem 3D total conversions popped up, and have the largest file archive for 3D Realms' games on the Internet.

How did 3D Portal get started/how long has it been around? 3D Portal itself has only been around since Fall of 1997 after the semi-failed merger of our former site Elite Games with QuakeMania to form Brutality and 3D Portal. Our flagship site, Dukeworld, has been around in some form or another for almost three years (since May of 1996). I came aboard to work on Dukeworld in June of 1997 after several months of working on TC sites and my own small Duke Nukem 3D site.

What's your nickname? :) I'm not sure how, but I've never really ended up with a nickname that's stuck.

Why don't you use a nickname? Lack of creativity I guess. ;) Some of the gang in 3DNet #3drealms has taken to calling me Crisco, but I'm just too used to being "Chris Day" to want to go by anything else.

What do you think the draw is in Duke Nukem? Why do people love him so much? Duke is 100% attitude... nothing says lovable like a passion for strippers and large guns, right? ;)

What do you think about Duke and strippers? :) I know I'm in the minority here, but I do find the strippers offensive to a small degree (boy I'm gonna get my ass kicked for that one, hehe). They are fairly vital to recreating realistic city environments though, and they help to define Duke Nukem, the character, so it would be insane to not have strippers in a Duke game.

What is your favorite 3D Realms game, and why? Duke Nukem 3D of course, for more reasons than I could ever list. Duke 3D was and still is one of the most fun gameplay experiences you'll ever find. All those nights of lost sleep due to Dukematching that I'll never get back still seem worthwhile today. ;)

Who are you when you're away from your computer? I'm a typical computer science major at Clemson University, which means, most of the time I'm not at my computer you can find me sleeping or at class, or goofing off with my friends playing Mario Kart.

From your Geek code: "Legalize drugs! Abolish the government. Fuck the

draft!" Care to explain? Crap, someone actually read that thing? ;) I selected my geek code responses after staying up all night, so I picked a few that were a bit more extreme than my opinions. The first part is something I may say, and I've had knee problems that prevent me from playing any sports which also exclude me from any draft, so the third part is fairly accurate, but the government part doesn't really apply.

Are you a Geek? If I said no, a few dozen friends of mine would probably step up and say otherwise, so I guess it's safe to assume I am. :)

Windows or linux? Why? It depends on the situation. I do most of my programming on Linux systems, but I'm just too lazy to partition a hard drive for it on my PC, so I make due with Windows 95 for now.

There was an article written recently on how to start a gaming website. Having started a few yourself, what's your advice? I think the author had a few valid points, but most of the article is BS in my opinion. I believe there is only one key to starting any gaming web site, and it's to pick a subject that you love. It sounds simple but that's all it takes... a Geocities site is just as good as having your own domain for a new site, and it gives you plenty of time to figure out if you enjoy your work on the site before investing cash into it. Having a partner for the site is another great idea, but only in theory, since it only really works when you mutually trust and respect each other...otherwise it's a recipe for disaster.

What are your favorite games? I'm absolutely addicted to Team Fortress for Quake, which seems to occupy almost all of my free time that I have for gaming. Other than that, I'm currently playing The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, and loving every bit of it. My favorite games of all time would have to be Doom 2, Duke Nukem 3D, and the original NBA Jam.

What are your favorite websites? Some of my favorite gaming sites include sCary's Shuga Shack, Blue's News, Voodoo Extreme, loonygames, The Adrenaline Vault, and GameSlice. Billboard Online and Mr Hat's Hell Hole are a couple of other sites I visit whenever I get a chance.

Thanks!! No problem, it's been my pleasure.

- Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman is an associate editor for loonygames.


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