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volume 1, issue 27

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Guest Editorial:






By Derek Smart


The following four pages contain the definitive version of the Battlecruiser 3000 AD history, as written by the only person who could ever really tell the story, Derek Smart himself. This was originally written in mid 1998, a few months after the game was released for free over the Internet. The purpose of this quick introduction is to bring any newcomers up to date on the whole saga.

As I said, this piece was written shortly after the game was released for free, in what has been called everything from absolutely crazy, to downright brilliant. Regardless of your feelings on the manner in which Derek Smart goes about his business, you have to admit, the guy knows how to get attention.

And, believe it or not, it worked.

The game generated enough interest online to make Interplay take notice, and they signed on with Smart to release Battlecruiser 3000 AD version 2.0, or the "Developer's Edition" shortly after this piece was originally written. That version of the game was released in late 1998, and Interplay has since sold out of their original shipment (which, in all fairness has been reported as being "conservative").

Derek officially stated at that time that, "Iím back, I'm better and simply ready to kick some serious ass with the sequel this year. Most of you are privy to the v1.0 fiasco and my decision to do the re-release (with Interplay taking some of the risk for doing it in the first place) was an attempt to get rid of the stigma associated with the said release. If gamers reviews and current reports are anything to go by, it seems as if I have succeeded."

Derek is currently hard at work on several Battlecruiser 3000 AD projects, including the Strike Pack, which reportedly will feature a first person perspective (allowing you to actually walk around your ship) and the game's sequel, Battlecruiser 3020 AD.

Why bother to publish a text that's out of date? You'll understand after you read it, to be honest. When the history of the gaming industry is written some day, Derek Smart will go down as having pulled off one of the biggest coups: he actually went up against a major publisher and won in the end.

This version of the text has been edited slightly, as we've taken the liberty (with Derek's permission) of correcting the occasional grammatical errors that were present in its initial publication. We have since given our edited version to Derek, and it can be found on his web site in TXT format.

Regardless, enjoy the following pages. They represent one of the strangest stories in an industry full of strange stories.

- Jason Bergman, loonygames editor-in-chief.

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