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volume 1, issue 31

Today in loonygames:

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Livin' With The Sims: theAntiELVIS explores the wild and wacky world that is Will Wright's The Sims, asking the inevitable quesiton, "is The Sims the first step toward a virtual life where everyone is Swedish?"

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The mmm...beefy! dept:
MailBag for Issue #31




Comments by Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman

And everyone seems to be talking about these wrestling games...

Subject: WCW/NWO Revenge

Oh, man, that Penny Arcade was just TOO good. I reviewed that game a few months ago and I had planned my opening sentence to be "The most homoerotic game to hit the N64 this year!!" The editor scrapped it, though. Darn them. :)

Jason Purdy
Staff Writer / Console Reviewer
The Adrenaline Vault

I love it! Well, hell, my darling brother used "Gay Porn" as his headline. We like goofy stuff.

I asked...he answered....

Subject: Dream Casts and Phones

>I seem to remember someone telling me you canít just call Japan and

>get on the network...something about phone line differences being similar

>to US vs Europe video stuff. But once again...Iím not sure. :)

Bzzzt... Wrong. If the device is a normal Tone dialing "modem" then you could concievably ring Japan with it and connect an Imported DC to the Japanese DC multiplayer network. Just like I could ring a Japanese ISP with my modem from NZ. Would I want to however...? I don't think so... :)

I don't enjoy large phone bills. The phone system is pretty much universal all around the world because they all have to talk to each other. The odd country here and there has a odd dial tone that can confuse modems (you have to turn the dial tone detection off) but that is about it and then of courses there is pulse dialing. ISDN on the other hand is a more wild beast and there are incompatibilities between the Pacific Ring area and Europe.

Oliver Jones, BSc.
Deeper Design Limited

Let me just say this. Iíve called Japan. Iíve faxed Japan. I think I was hallucinating when I wrote that....

It wasnít my decision, ok? :)

Subject: Nice tutorial

Well, I figure you guys (and Paul Steed) will probably catch a lot of slack for that Kelly Monaco tutorial, but I just wanted to say I liked it. Not just because there was a naked woman in it, but because it was actually an informative article by a prominent person in the industry. But mostly because of the naked woman. I hope it does get attention and generate interest in your site or at least controversy- I'd like to see your site get the traffic it deserves! Well done.

Michael Chang Gummelt
Game Programmer
Raven Software

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."
-Albert Einstein

Reactionís been great, actually. I think loonygames has proven, yet again, that weíre very much a magazine comprised of very different contributors...itís part of what makes us who we are. Paul Steed writes great tutorials with artwork accompanying them every week. This time, he just Ďforgotí the clothes.:)

Subject: Paul Steed

Thinking Outside the Box is great.

No, I mean aside from the naked women.

Unless you are the easily offended, sue-McDonald's-over-spilled-crotch-coffee type, Paul Steed writes an excellent article every time. Sometimes you just don't know how to, oh for example, make a perfectly round ass. Mr. Steed takes the time, sometimes many hours, to demonstrate not only 3D ass-crafting, but also many other useful techniques of low polygon modeling. Sure he might not now every little feature of 3D Studio MAX, but who the hell does? He obviously knows enough to make the kickest ass models in the industry. Two things I want to accomplish before I get old and exist entirely in a Craftmatic adjustable bed:

1) Be as good as the people who made the StarCraft cut scenes.
2) Be half as good as Paul Steed.

Ben Barker
Divine Comedian

Subject: Nice double standard.

Thanks for the pr0n...er, "modeling tutorial." Here's hoping for a nice, self- righteous rant from Bobbi.

Well, first off, I donít see the double standard. loonygames does not subscribe to one universal point of view on any subject, so thereís no double standard.

As for a rant? Naah. Like I would have expected any less from Paul Steed...leave it to him to bring nudity to the magazine. :)


Happy April Fools!! First...those who didnít get it....

Subject: Primo tutorial..

Well needless to say.. i was more than amused at this tutorial.. I laughed my ass off at the constant cracks on fellow developersÖand I dont think any tutorial will help me any less than this one will..

hah! Wasnt to disappointed.. brightened my morning and my girlfriend was like "what the hell are you laughing at?"..

I said "this guy says that my girlfriends wants him... she said.."Damn straight.." Hrmm.. Lots of fun.. Suprise ending blew me away... though I was expecting it.

Thanks Paul..

[Editor's note: the "your girlfriend wants me" crack was by me, actually...I stuck that in at the last second. ;)]

Subject: tutorial sucks...

Gosh must be nice to be so good.....that you can't share...

I am surprised they put this lame effort in...

what's with the silly lines and circles?

Do you think artists can learn from this?

Is this purely to amuse?

not amused..


..and those who did get it.

Subject: Thinking about box

Shame on you all,

Paul Steed is gonna... [your worst nightmare]! 0-)

Great stuff,


Paulís a good sport. Right Paul? Jason will buy you lots of beer if youíre mad. I promise.

Subject: Thinking about boxes

Too funny! Stop that ;^)



Ok...what is it about Raven and htmlíd e-mail?? Thatís two of you in one week! Come on guys...you make cool games... :)

Subject: 'Saul Peed'

That rocked...

More humour in the games industry! Less po-faced bastards! Yeah!


Subject: Saul Peed

Cracked me up - thanks!

I loved it too...it was written by Kevin Murphy, editor-in-chief over at that strange site known as...not The Onion...but The Mushroom. He writes this stuff every week, crazy boy.

And this weekís t-shirt goes to...um....Dad?!

Subject: Paul Steed Column

Congratulations on another fine article taking us inside the world of game creators. Enjoyed Paul Steed's insights -- even if I don't understand any of the animation lingo! And kudos to both Steed and Loonyboi for the very tasteful handling of the nudity. (Maybe "handling" is the wrong word.) OK... Now do I get a free T-shirt? (X-tra large please.)

hmmm. Notice he failed to mention "my daughter, associate editor." *note to self: make sure people realize it is MY decision who gets the t-shirt* Teehee. Yeah, yeah, we canít hide from nepotism. Give the man his t-shirt.

- Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman is an associate editor at loonygames. She's probably the most normal person on the staff. That's really sad.



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