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volume 1, issue 31

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Thinking About Boxes:
Making A Background With Photoshop




By Saul "waybetterthanyou" Peed


Anything I say comes from me and represents my personal opinions, views and subtle plans for influencing society. Read, ruminate over and remember at your own risk. If I teach you something and it helps, teach someone else, unless theyíre female, as they just donít listen..

íve been getting lots of email asking me about textures. In all of my 3DS MAX R2.5 tutorials, I have not really mentioned textures. Itís a known fact (KF) that any mesh will look like crap without good textures.

The ironic thing about working in 3D is that you have to know 2D programs like Photoshop like the back of your hand. My significant other (SO) knows the back of my hand pretty well. Sheíd probably be good at Photoshop, too.

Iíve decided to devote this TAB to making a cool image in Photoshop. The image weíre going to make is pretty complex, but itís also easy to do. Weíre not going to make textures, but rather learn some of Photoshopís subtleties. Once the aesthetics are learned, textures are a breeze.

For this tutorial, Iíve decided that weíre going to make a cave. The reason I chose a cave is because yesterday these chicks told me that I must have come from the caveman era. Really, I had no idea I looked that strong to them. They really must have wanted me.

The cave will have a 3D look to it, but it will be exclusively done in Photoshop. Iíve made this tutorial as simple as possible, and if you cannot follow it, you suck, and I donít want you reading this column again. (So all of you at Epic should stop reading now.)


Step 1. Go to Photoshop, and open a new document. Make it 640 X 480 pixels. I want to put a treasure inside of the cave. How about a huge golden rock? Letís start with it. Draw a circle using the circle marquee tool, then go to quick mask mode, draw another circle inside the first circle, and then press the delete key. Breasts! Go back to normal mode and press alt-backspace. You now have a shiny ball inside your mystical cave!

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