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volume 1, issue 33

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Totally Tribal

By Jason "loonyboi" Bergman


You've released a beta of the OpenGL support, but it's limited to TNT and i740 based cards. What's the issue preventing more cards from being supported?

Both the ATI Rage 128 and Matrox G200 work with beta drivers from the manufacturers. Also 3Dfx cards work with the latest Tribes build in OpenGL (not that it matters).

Do you see any way of working around this any time soon?

We should work on pretty much any OpenGL card that has a good fillrate and whose driver doesn't choke on our texture set.

Even before Tribes shipped, you were already talking about the sequel. How much work is being done on Tribes 2 at the moment?

Most of the team has moved on to working on Tribes 2.

With Tribes 2, do you plan on shipping with wider hardware support?


Will Tribes 2 support OpenGL only, or will you be keeping the Glide acceleration as well?

We're leaning toward doing OpenGL only.

One of the talked about features that didn't make it into Tribes 1, but has been said to be in Tribes 2 is water. Why was it dropped from the first game?

As with the ground vehicles it was an issue of time - we weren't sure if we'd have time for it, and the mission designers needed to know well in advance of our ship date whether they could use it or not, so we cut it.

What sort of gameplay variants do you see water creating? (Broadside, where both bases are surrounded by water, perhaps?)

Opposing aircraft carriers, or missions where APCs are an absolute necessity for troop conveyance, just to name a couple. Water volumes will provide interesting barriers on the terrain, depending on their size.

Are there any major graphical tweaks planned for the sequel?

Of course! But you'll have to wait a month or so to see them. ;)

You'll be showing Tribes 2 at E3, then?

We'll definitely be showing something at E3.

Curved surfaces, perhaps?

Unlikely - our major focus with our graphical tweaks are for intended for gameplay enhancement, and we just didn't see curves giving us that much.

Are you going to continue to tweak Tribes 1, even with work on the second one starting?

We're just getting ready to release the tools for Tribes as well as the 1.4 patch which addresses a couple of issues. We'll continue to tweak Tribes as necessary, though most of the team is focused on Tribes 2.

Are there any more gameplay tweaks planned? It's impressive how the various patches for Tribes have added nice, small feature enhancements.

We don't have any new gameplay tweaks planned. Many of the changes that made it into earlier patches were either planned before release or as the result of user feedback.

Was there anything you were really hoping to get into Tribes that just couldn't fit in for some reason?

I was really hoping to get both water and ground vehicles into Tribes, but we just didn't have the time to do them right.

What (non Tribes) games are you playing these days?

I just started playing EverQuest... a very addictive and cool game.

Have you checked out Team Fortress Classic? What's your take on it? Were you a fan of the original?

I have not yet played TFC, but I intend to soon. I didn't play the original - I spent almost all my Quake time playing CTF.

Do you actively play on public servers?

Of course! I sometimes go on as Got Milk?, but usually not.

Any games coming out that you're particularly looking forward to seeing?

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the other MP-only FPS games coming out this year (Quake 3, Unreal Tournament and TF2). Also I've heard good things about Asheron's Call.

Thanks, Mark!


- Jason "loonyboi" Bergman is the editor-in-chief here at loonygames. He really didn't like The Matrix.


Credits: Illustration © 1999 Rowan Crawford. This interview is © 1999 Jason Bergman & Mark Frohnmayer. All other content is © 1999 loonyboi productions. Unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited, so don't try it...or we'll damn you.