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volume 1, issue 36

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The mmm...beefy! dept:
MailBag for Issue #36





Comments by Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman

Oooh...Jasonís been a bad boy...

Subject: acknowledgments for cover story

Hey Jason,

I noticed that in your acknowledgments for the cover story on Raven, you neglected to mention your poor, overworked girlfriend who proofread the first half of the article for you.....

:) Heather

Jason...sheís perfect.:)

[Editor's note: Hmf. You know...from reading this, you'd have no idea that she complains every time she's mentioned on the page. ;)]


Subject: Search Engine

I enjoy some of your articles, but your search engine sucks. I was trying to use it to find that interview you did with Marc Laidlaw of Valve Software a while back but it wouldn't give me any hits. Thinking I was perhaps being too specific, I zoomed out and tried a search for "valve". Again, nothing. I started to see where this was going, so I tried "game", again no hits. Pretty peculiar that I couldn't find anything about games on a gaming site, eh? ;)

No bigee, obviously, but I thought I'd at least whine about it to you.


Michael Casaday

I had to try myself. So, I searched for Valve, got 64 hits.

A search for "game" turned up a whopping 537 matches. I donít know what you were doing Michael, but, um, er, weird.

[Editor's note: Actually, this was due to some weird error that occured with our search engine's spider. It was wonky for about six hours.]


You MUST follow the Prime Directive, Number One.

Subject: Movies and Games


My friends and I have a "Prime Directive" when we are looking for games to rent or buy. It is as follows:

"Any game that is based on a TV, Movie, or other licensed product, will suck. Do not rent it or buy it, you are wasting your time if you do."

This also applies to movies based on games, which generally get so far away from the original premise of the game that they are then a pale shadow of their original license.

Admittedly, there have been exceptions (Mortal Kombat:The Movie comes to mind as some mindless fun that kept close to the original premise) but these are few and far between enough to make this a good rule to live by.

Have a great week!

-Ryan "Joltox" Greene

What about Rogue Squadron? Jedi Knight? Mortal Kombatís movie was fun, although Iíve never seen the sequel.

Movies to games can work, if done well, I think. My Prime Directive would be more for books that go to movies, but thatís a whole other rant. :)


Subject: looniboy...you rock

man, i'm starting to get kind of pissed off, because i'm now checking loonygames as often as i check Blue's, which is DAILY. (thank GOD i don't have to keep coming back here every 30 minutes or so looking for updates! *shew*)

i really dig Paul Steed's TOtB column on Tuesdays, and your writing style throughout is comfortable and easy to digest! dig it! write more long columns!

besides wanting to heap on the praise, i have to ask the single question that *I KNOW* everyone is asking...what the *HELL* is Carmack hiding in this box: http://www.loonygames.com/content/1.35/totb/images/john.php

get Steed on this PRONTO! ;) (all i want to hear is "it's Q3ATest.zip BAYYYYBEEEE" ;) hehehehehehee

anyway, in closing, keep up the kick ass work...it makes getiing online worthwhile!


So my heading isnít EXACTLY related to the letter, but I just felt the need to whine...I leave for E3 Monday and still havenít played q3. id? Please? :)

And, um, thanks for the letter!


Ok, so I canít tell if this is sarcasm or not. Going under the assumption that it is....this weekís t-shirt winner!

Subject: Inside Raven Software

"due to the extreme size of this article, it will be serialized in three parts"

I had no idea that disk space was in such short supply that it had to be rationed.

Good reading, though.


- Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman is an associate editor at loonygames. She's probably the most normal person on the staff. That's really sad.



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