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volume 1, issue 36

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Community Profile:
(CW) Gabriel & Tycho Brahe


By Stephanie "Bobbi Bergman

How is the strip created? Is it story first, then art?

(CW)Gabriel: Dark magic. Woooooooahahhhhawooo. Okay. Hereís how it goes down:

We sit around our apartment and try and think of funny things. once we come up with one I start doing the art while Tycho plays video games. then I scan it into my computer and start coloring it while tycho drinks juice, then I add the text and convert the file format while tycho sleeps, then Isend it off to Jason and go to bed.

(CW) Tycho Brahe: We run twice weekly as well, which is a big difference from our initial run.

Some non-Penny Arcade artwork by (CW) Gabriel.

hmmm. I'm tempted to ask who thinks they put more effort into the strip. :)

(CW)Gabriel: Tycho is a lazy whore.

(CW) Tycho Brahe: The better question might be: Who else can tolerate Gabriel? He's been known to cause cancer in Tycho Brahes.

(CW)Gabriel: I wish.

What's the worst thing Gabe's done to you? :)

(CW) Tycho Brahe: Well, I think it's no secret that he draws my character (If you must know, I have a blue shirt and routinely upstage the other guy) with a little more pudgy a tummy than is reflected in real life.

(CW)Gabriel: I draw him with a little chub. :) I know it kills him inside.

So, where's your revenge?

(CW)Gabriel: I think he touches me while i sleep

You live together?

(CW)Gabriel: Ya.

(CW) Tycho Brahe: We aren't gay

But not for long...I'm guessing...someone's getting married? :) (Congrats, btw!)

(CW)Gabriel: Thatís me. Thanks it is very cool.

(CW) Tycho Brahe: Actually, we're both getting married.

(CW)Gabriel: Mine is gonna be better.

How did you propose, Tycho?

(CW)Gabriel: Ya? Was it on the internet in a cartoon?

(CW) Tycho Brahe: God damn you, Gabriel. Actually, we sort of proposed to each other, agreed on it. We just decided that's what we wanted to do. It was a private, beautiful thing - Not some trumped up show for the amusement of the planet.

Ouch :)

(CW)Gabriel: I don't think you can marry plastic dolls.

(CW) Tycho Brahe: You can in Washington.

(CW)Gabriel: Oh. Lucky bastard. You would not believe the mail we got. Ya try and find that in UF

Gabe, I know a number of people who got tears in their eyes reading the strip where you proposed (me included). What was your fiancee's reaction? :)

(CW)Gabriel: She started to cry a lot. She was very happy. She doesn't get a lot of the strips cause she isn't into games and sometimes it is hard for her to understand all the work i put into it. So I did that for her.

What was the best e-mail you got about it?

(CW)Gabriel: Oh um i think the best was from this guy who told me he was a computer junkie and an internet freak. he said that reading the strip made him think about some stuff and he was gonna take his wife out to dinner that night and not get on the computer. Thatís very cool i think.

Wow..that's so sweet. :)

(CW)Gabriel: Ya.

Tycho, do you have experience as a writer of prose? Or is the comic your first 'published' (can we count loonygames as published) effort? :)

(CW) Tycho Brahe: Not really "experience" writing prose I guess, but It is certainly something I have done - reams of poor, poor poems from the broken high school heart, that kind of thing. The other extracurricular thing that I do, however, is sing, and I write the lyrics for the band, which I guess counts. you can check the stuff out over at MP3.com actually we're called the fine print.

(CW)Gabriel: They are really good

Oh cool!

(CW) Tycho Brahe: http://www.mp3.com/thefineprint/

Gabe said something nice!

(CW)Gabriel: I still hope he dies. Ya. Some how his band is able to compensate for his stupidity.

(CW) Tycho Brahe: But in a nice way!

Do the characters in the strip have names?

(CW)Gabriel: Whoa the controversial name strip. Ya he drew it. The only bad mail we have received has come from that strip and the Macintosh one.

(CW) Tycho Brahe: I actually drew a strip, the one that includes the names. I am so horrifically embarrassed about it.

Mac hate mail?

(CW) Tycho Brahe: I thought we were going to receive a letter bomb or something.


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