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volume 1, issue 36

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Community Profile:
(CW) Gabriel & Tycho Brahe


By Stephanie "Bobbi Bergman

How has the reaction to the strip and its success effected you guys personally?

(CW)Gabriel: You go first

(CW) Tycho Brahe: Is it successful? I mean, we have received some e-mail about it, but it is still something, and I stress this, that we do because we enjoy it. Making the strip is the best part of my week, pretty much. It hasnít really affected us because I donít think about it in those terms. It is something that I really enjoy doing.

(CW)Gabriel: It is successful.

Well, I love it..and hey, if you get good enough, you've succeeded in one way, at least. :)

(CW)Gabriel: Tycho has a self esteem problem. I think it is because he is so ugly. Hear that ugly boy.

Do you do 2 strips a week? Or do you crank 'em out and dole them out?

(CW)Gabriel: no no they take a lot of work. Two a week. I think the success has helped me a lot. I am doing lots of other artwork for people now. TCs and stuff

Ooh, what TCs? :)

(CW)Gabriel: i am doing character art for a half-life TC called the Opera. They would pry love a plug lemme gel the URL:


My art isn't u there yet they are revamping the site but you can find it at ww.gameart.com too. In fact I am doing a game art spotlight this next week

Some more non-Penny Arcade artwork by (CW) Gabriel.

How do you guys manage to stay so on top of the news? Do you read news pages a lot, etc.?

(CW) Tycho Brahe: Making them during the actual week allows us to do some news commentary that is still somewhat fresh, too - making them ahead of time wouldnít necessarily allow for that.

(CW)Gabriel: Ya i check them from work all day too

(CW) Tycho Brahe: I donít know if this makes me compulsive or not (read: I am compulsive) but I check news sites probably every ten minutes, all day.

What do you during the day that you guys can check that often? :)

(CW)Gabriel: I think there is some rule that says i can't say. But I work at a major electronics store selling computers.

(CW) Tycho Brahe: I work for a school district doing tech support, so I'm wired practically into my forehead.

Would you like to do writing/art full-time?

(CW)Gabriel: Thatís the plan. With whites been happening lately i don't think it is too far off.

(CW) Tycho Brahe: I can't imagine what that would be like. It is so far askew my the concepts of job and home life hat I can barely fit it into my head.

(CW)Gabriel: God he talks a lot. Jesus. Askew? What the hell is askew. Who uses askew?

Can you please explain your handles (and the clan tag)?

(CW)Gabriel: My handle Gabriel comes from my interest in angels. I think that religion and angels specifically are very interesting. Much of the artwork I do outside of PA and other game related stuff has a lot of religious symbolism in it.

As for the clan tag, Thatís actually kinda a long story but here goes. Back when quake 1 came out and the whole clan thing was starting up tycho and i decided to start out own clan and call it clan walrus. Back then you needed to have at least 5 people in your clan to be official and get on id's clan site. However we just had the two of us. So we made up three other people and made ourselves a clan web site. We added CW to our handles and set out to make a name for ourselves and our clan. Well people started asking us about our clan and we began to get quite a following. Soon we had about 20 or so real members and we had become quite a formidable quake clan. As new games like Q2 came out Clan walrus evolved into Tribe Walrus. We had about 50 members with branches of the tribe playing almost every game out there.

We headed a Myth clan myself but we also had starcraft, Q2dm and CTf, UO,Rocket arena and unreal branches. We had members all over the country and our site had lots of great content. The site is still up here:http://www.users.uswest.net/~jerrypar/ but is been a long time since anyone has updated or visited it. It was pretty big for a while and ended up getting a bit to big. Tycho and I stepped down because of a lack of time and the clan continued going for a while. There is still a walrus guild out there now playing Everquest and I am sure that as long as there are games there will be walruses out there playing them. We all sort of went our separate ways but a lot of us still keep the CW in front of our names even the guys who went off to join more active clans added their new clan tag after the CW. we were all great friends for quite a few years and we played a lot of games together. We are still very proud of what Clan Walrus was. I told ya it was long but thatís what you get for asking a guy about his clan:)

(CW) Tycho Brahe: Gabe gave the history, he said, so suffice it to say We were (are) members of clan walrus, made it up as a joke. In those days, in order to have a real clan listed on id Software's site, you had to have five members. Well, mike and I didnít even have three more friends with computers, so we were up a crick, but we wanted to make a sort of Anti Clan. It felt like people were taking things just a little bit serious. We made up the other three members, whose names and descriptions are as follows.

Anti-Pope - he bears witness to a sea of roiling death and it fills him with icy joy.

Abadon - Destroyer, chief of the demon locusts and sovereign of the bottomless pit.

Dessicator - He sees humans only as delicious juice boxes.

All of whom were ripped directly from an extremely silly comic, the Curse of Spawn. Tycho Brahe is widely considered to be the father of modern astronomy. There is some cool history concerning him, but a propensity for avoidable tragedy figured in there, definitely.

Do you guys play multiplayer games with each other? Seems like you have a perfect setup?

(CW)Gabriel: Oh sweet lord Jesus Christ. Hell ya we do. I think you should ask my fiancee that she has some choice words on the subject

(CW) Tycho Brahe: I don't even know how to respond to that. There simply aren't the words.

(CW)Gabriel: can you say TRIBES! Woo.

(CW) Tycho Brahe: We have an ADSL line going right into a hub that we're both connected to, so ain't nobody sayin' we can't heat up the spot in Tribes, or QII, or whatever. As a matter of fact, the dark truth is, we really only play Tribes with any regularity any more, and have since it came out. It may be the finest game ever made.

(CW)Gabriel: It's funny since we have been friends we have been trying to write some kind of comic and it always failed miserably the entire time we have been playing all these computer games and we just never thought to put the two together until recently

The finest game ever made?

(CW)Gabriel: What did he say? I wasn't paying attention?

(CW) Tycho Brahe: I am not exaggerating. At E3, I am going to drive off in the SUAV.

(CW)Gabriel: The finest game well I donít know about that, it's damn good. I am a console man since birth so I have to stick with Metal Gear

Who's better at TRIBES! ? :)

(CW) Tycho Brahe: me.

(CW)Gabriel: that wouWHAT!? Are you on crack? We have never played each other ask who is better at Q2? Go ahead ask. :)

Whoís better at Q2?

(CW) Tycho Brahe: Actually the wild thing about it is, the last time we dm'd, we had an equal score.

(CW)Gabriel: Ya. He is getting better. I think it's all the drugs. They make him stronger, faster, better.

(CW) Tycho Brahe: In Tribes, we always switch to the same side.

(CW)Gabriel: Ya we donít like playing against each other that much

(CW) Tycho Brahe: When we play tribes, we usually play the same type of role - heavy defense, or something like that. We've got the communication advantage.

(CW)Gabriel: ya I can just reach over and smack him when I need an escort. Hell some times I just smack him.

Hold on.


You just smacked him?

(CW)Gabriel: yup

Doesn't he smack you back?

(CW)Gabriel: He is very frail and weak. Like a tiny baby bird.


Tycho...defend yourself!

(CW)Gabriel: Ya go ahead little baby birdie

(CW) Tycho Brahe: Mommy!

What are your favorite all-time games?

(CW)Gabriel: oh boy these are great questions. Okay here we go.

(CW) Tycho Brahe: I'll tell gabe, and he'll type them in

(CW)Gabriel: in no particular order

Final Fantasy 7.
esident Evil (think about how these games made you feel when they came out now how they stack up now).
attle Area Toshinden (revolutionary for it's time, it sold the PSX at launch).
etal Gear Solid (my favorite, brilliant game).
onic the Hedgehog (this game was faster and looked better than Mario, it blew us away).
etrix (the most underrated puzzle game of all time).
tarcraft(it eats entire weeks of our life).
Myth (I really dug it but I may be a freak).
Dungeon Keeper.
If namco made it I will play it

You have seen my pac-man t shirt in the strip...it is like a little homage to what i feel is the greatest game company out there.

Rage racer is the best racing game(we haven't played ridge racer type 4 yet) we got it today but can't play it until after the interview :)

doh...sorry for keeping you :)

(CW)Gabriel: no problem this is a lot of fun.

(CW) Tycho Brahe: It's cool, this is fun.

(CW)Gabriel: i think thatís a solid list. Lots of new stuff to look forward to

How do you think getting married will effect the strip? Are you going to have as much time to talk to each other, etc.?

(CW)Gabriel: This could get us in trouble. We hope we will. it's gonna be tough but we will make time for the strip, it is very important to us

(CW) Tycho Brahe: We believe in it, in a radical, feral way, and I know that's understood by everybody. We can strike a balance.

What are your favorite websites?

(CW)Gabriel: okay here we go

blues news
old man Murray
voodoo extreme
agn 3d
game art.com
sega otaku
next gen
and all the console IGN pages
the onion and the mushroom are also great sites
we read UF daily too

I wish we could stop

Thanks! You can read Penny Arcade right here, twice a week!

- Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman is an associate editor at loonygames. We retract any prior statements about her being normal.


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