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volume 1, issue 38

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Thinking Outside the Box:
The Good, The Not-So-Bad, and the Really Ugly

By Maul Steed, Darth Modeler


13. Miss Illinois
Pose: Very Cool
Proportions: Cool
Texture Potential: Cool
Animation Potential: Cool
Overall Use of Triangles: Cool

Comments: Miss Illinois didn’t make the first cut and then made it after reconsideration. She reminds me of a character out of Heavy Metal with her athletic proportions. The breasts could have been better and her knees a bit lower, but I really dig her back, delts and waist/butt area. Her face is really good but her hair seems a little off. Still…I like her.

03. Miss Arizona

Pose: Okay
Proportions: Very Cool
Texture Potential: Cool
Animation Potential: Cool
Overall Use of Triangles: Cool

Comments: As stated I’m an Anime fan so this figure struck me as a character you’d see in ‘Cutie Honey’ or something similar. I like the feeling of weight and solidity of the character. Frugality in the head means the modeler has experience and knows the texture will make up a lot of ground down the road. The stylized lower legs seem slightly weak, but overall this model is well done.

57. Miss Guantanamo Bay
Pose: D’ohh
Proportions: Very Cool
Texture Potential: Cool
Animation Potential: Very Cool
Overall Use of Triangles: Very Cool

Comments: Miss GB would have done better if the modeler had taken the time to pose her (just save the default position version for future reference). Nevertheless, she is a good model and I’m impressed by the leg structure – especially around the hips. The hip juncture point and shoulder are probably the most challenging part of a figure when animating. Sometimes it seems like there’s too many polys, but in the shoulder you usually can’t have enough. In the hips area, the inverse is usually true. The front of the hips actually works better in CS if you use fewer lines, but the rear needs plenty to hold its shape.

36. Miss Oklahoma
Pose: Okay
Proportions: Very Cool
Texture Potential: Very Cool
Animation Potential: Cool
Overall Use of Triangles: Cool

Comments: Originally on the Not-so-B list, Miss O caught my eye the second time through the stack because she’s got a good stance and nice polygonal symmetry. Her hair should be more influenced by gravity and her legs are pretty bland, but I have the feeling a good texture would make her stand out. I like the fact she has normal breasts, too. But, for all the technical acumen this model represents, she’s a bit too conventional to be a true Love Doll.



The majority of the submissions fell into this category and I’m not going to give too detailed an analysis other than to give some gut reactions and what could have helped the entry. They’re listed in no particular order.

05. Miss California

Nice Breasts, nice legs (guess I’ll have to do the rest of that Kelly tutorial to get some of you to the point where you can model the rest of the body, eh?). Mittens for hands are fine if they look like hands and represent the appropriate finger length.

06. Miss Colorado

Cool Bike, but why? Some edges need turnin’ there biker boy, but I think a good texture would save your modeling inadequacies. You have to be the one on ‘Nox, right?

08. Miss Delaware

Nice rack and head. The rest is too hard to make out. And why the big hand, Jade? Repeat after me, Love Doll…L-O-V-E-D-O-L-L.

10. Miss Georgia

Uh…I think ‘old maid’ or ‘alien’. Kinda dumpy if you ask me. With some work she could be damn sexy, though.

11. Miss Hawaii

I first put Miss H. in the A pile, but reconsidered after I found her less proportionate as she needed to be (more back, Bro and fix her arms). Nice nips, though!

12. Miss Idaho

Like the hair, like the ‘tude. Don’t like the too-few-poly-look (999 faces, remember?)

14. Miss Indiana

Lock her butt cheeks to her pelvis. Linked to the leg they’ll jus make her ass look flatter than it already looks. Nice pose, though.


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