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volume 1, issue 39

Today in loonygames:

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Livin' With The Sims: theAntiELVIS explores the wild and wacky world that is Will Wright's The Sims, asking the inevitable quesiton, "is The Sims the first step toward a virtual life where everyone is Swedish?"

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The damn E3!! dept:
MailBag for Issue #39





Comments by Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman


Subject: Damn!!!!! E3 feedback

I wish I would have known you guys were at the TRIBES area during E3. I was demoing all 3 days....I would have loved to meet you guys. One of our studly programmers was telling me how he bought an original piece of art from the Penny Arcade strip...you guys are on all of our walls and doors....keep up the good work.

Mark Brenneman
Art Director
Starsiege TRIBES


Subject: [None]




Oh my. Um. Ack! Loony! Help!

But...it’s just so....yellow!

Subject: Loonygames - Web Design


I occassionally stop by Loonygames to read a certain article, and there's always one thing about the site that jumps right out at me: The site is ass-ugly as hell! Some vomit-beige background combined with a sadly boring layout... seriously, the site depresses me whenever I visit; I'm not kidding.

Please, oh please, redo the site :)


Matt Chuckleton

I have to admit, my reaction was the same. The Slipgate Central yellow complex. But I have to admit, it’s grown on me...I rather like the sublety of it. I’ve gotten rather sick of black backgrounds, and it seems that nearly every gaming related site has one. Yellow’s a very different touch (as long as it’s not that hideous C|NET yellow, of course).

Everyone’s a critic...

Subject: Josh Vasquez

Congratulations. It is extremely rare that I am impressed by anything (that little critic in the back of my head has a terrible tendency to refuse to allow me the pleasure of such), much less continually so. And yet, this time I am, by each piece written by you. While the insight you have shown throughout each Pixel Obscura was a riddle for me (solved only in knowing where your BA lies), your knowledge of both the millenial history and the broad range of your knowledge which came appended in the most recent piece is what truly impressed me. (This is not the most focused letter I've ever written, studying for finals) Again, before I lose direction completely, congratulations.


Elliot Brown

"Smile and nod, what you see in them is you distorted." - Anonynmous

So where does your BA lie? Oh, speaking of BAs (or is it a BS you got?) can I just take this opportunity to say congrats to Jason again? :)


The winner of this week’s t-shirt goes to the the best of the ‘you haven’t updated e-mail’s:

Subject: shiny mutations

on the first day of no updates from loonygames i thought it was okay cause of E3 and all. it still made my pathetic life sad. on the second day the same thing but i could feel something irking at the back of my head. and on the days after that its steadily gotten worse. now i type this from the corner of my office cubicle soaked in my stale sweat and naked as naked can be(thats very naked in my case) and oh god their are little elfs telling me to race my chair(it has wheels!) naked around the office complex with a big "bring back da loony" tattoo on my ass. will it ever stop? ohh...ah...oh....no..updates...make...me..go...mad....no updates make...me god....MAD....noupdatesmakemegodmadnoupdatesmakemegodmadnoupdate

I think this guy needs a t-shirt.

And I love the "it has wheels!" :)

- Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman is an associate editor at loonygames. She's probably the most normal person on the staff. That's really sad.



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