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volume 1, issue 4

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Thinking Outside the Box:
Dangerous Curves Ahead



By Paul "Villam" Steed

Now I did tweak the UV's on the shoulder pad, neck, hips, hand and other bare arm. But I didn't need to use the U V Unwrap. I just moved and rotated the UV Map modifier gizmo to reflect what I wanted. Sometimes that's enough (much quicker, too).

Cool. Now we're almost done. I know ahead of time that a mirrored leg will fit in the space where such an appendage might look good (I know because I deleted it earlier). First, copy the leg...

Click to enlarge

(Click to enlarge)

Then go up to the Tools command and pick the right axis and flip the leg and move it into position...

Click to enlarge

(Click to enlarge)

At last we have a two-legged, fully textured Shauna who looks the part of some lethal mynx ('course Mynx is a brunette...).

Hope you dug the didactic modeling dogma from the paragon of modeling (yeah, right).



- Paul Steed is an incredibly opinionated 3D artist at id Software.


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