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volume 1, issue 41

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The damn E3!! dept:
MailBag for Issue #41





Comments by Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman

Fact, or fiction...

Subject: No Subject
X-Mailer: AOL for Macintosh sub 54

I keep looking for a hint page about Abuse. I love the game, but am getting stuck....

Where can I find this hint and FAQ??

Please help!

Honestly, my first reaction was that this had to have been a joke. I mean...come on. Abuse. AOL. Macintosh? Who knows.

Subject: Textures

I have a question,

How in gods name do you make translucent textures ?

please help me this is killing my lovelife


I didnít know you could make textures translucent. :)

More strangeness with text...

Subject: HTML Oddity

It seems to me that sometimes the characters ', ' (that's a comma and a space) are replaced by '?' (and _that_, is what the industry refers to as a 'question mark :).

This happens in Netscape under Redhat 6.0. I've attach a screenshot.

Anders W.

Visby, Sweden.

Subject: Fwd: Re: HTML Oddity

Oh, and it seems to affect that ' caracter too...

Subject: HTML Oddity

I am very sorry for loading off this shit in your mailbox. Please forgive me my impatience.



Thanks Anders! That is weird about those characters in Netscape, I had no idea. I have been getting more and more e-mails with that text stuff lately though, I wonder if itís some new buggie somewhere with my e-mail.

Oh, and donít worry about the shit in our mailbox. Um, er, thatís what weíre here for? Kinda. :)

Can you feel the love?

Subject: Portables

I love my pokes too :) My youngest sibling got a color GB and a Pokemon cart for x-mas and promptly went to the game guru of the house for a little help (me). I in turn got so hooked I had to get my own. At this point the only thing that might be able to beat the game boy would be portable, multiplayer GLQuake or Quake 2.Oh, and another portable system you forgot to mention, the stealth portables, TI graphing calculators :)

Subject: gameboy / pocket gaming article


Read the 'Put a Little Love in Your Pocket!' article and I loved it. Last few weeks you guys wrote some more gameboy related stuff and however I don't own a gameboy (never did), it made me think: What about id Software guys doing a gameboy color version of Keen? Let them have a bit of fun after they finish Q3A (soon I hope). Maybe even as a hobby project alongside their mayor PC-3D-Shooter-projects.

Love the Rowan Crawford covers,

  1. Ensing

I think a GameBoy Commander Keen would rock.

Oh, and look at the time on the e-mail. Romance Daylight Time? I donít believe Iíve ever seen that before. And I wonder what time that is, then?:)

This family deserves a t-shirt. How many Pokemon do YOU have?

Subject: RE: Puttin some luv in yer pocket

Heh, we've owned 6 Gameboys in the last 3 years, our latest being a Color GameBoy. My 8 year old son has collected nearly all 150 Pokemon, having both the red and blue versions to play. We're just waiting for Pokemon Stadium on the N64. Linking your GameBoy to a N64 to "do Pokemon battle" is going to rock!

By the way, great article!!!

Nintendo owns us,

-Mojox (and family)

ps: the trading card game (itself) is pretty damn good too! zapdos lighting-strike! magnemite thunder-wave! pikachu spark! it's just such a thrill to do damage to your opponents benched Pokemon...whee! and the actual card collecting biz has just begun. check out ebay! single cards going for $20 already! that's how I got my Snorlax rare-holo ;)


- Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman is an associate editor at loonygames. She's probably the most normal person on the staff. That's really sad.



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