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Vol. 2, Issue 1
November 8, 1999
Under Cover :
Christopher "Derelict" Greenhaw

by Rowan "Sumaleth" Crawford

hat better way to kick off the new season of loonygames than with a nice little story that may well prove, once and for all, that our path through life is completely predetermined from the start, and that free will is nothing more than an illusion! What am I going on about? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Our story begins a pair of months ago, back when serious brain energy began to be expended in an effort to get a second season of loonygames off the ground (faster, stronger, better!). Our esteemed feature editor, RadPipe, enlisted the efforts of a young lad by the name of Christopher Greenhaw, a young lad who had an artistic style that seemed like it might be suitable for the first feature article of the new season, Through the Looking Glass.

Chris, or as he's affectionately known by those who are...uh…affectionate, Derelict, was, at the time, completely unaware of the path that this image was about him on. But lets rewind a bit;

click to enlarge!

Hi Sung Lee as you've never seen her before (68k).

After first securing a Major in fine arts at the University of Texas, Derelict's first real taste of game creation came in the form of Defusion, a popular Quake mod that saw players tossing around an active bomb (being the one left holding it when the fuse ran out was Not Good). Then, soon after Defusion came further Quake mod work, albeit this time for a project that (due to copyright issues) was never completed; Castle Wolf. One hit and one miss to start things off, but it was all good experience regardless.

His first break into the larger world of commercial game projects again came by way of his Defusion team friends. Some of the old team had hooked up with Zero Gravity Entertainment, an Australian development team, on the commercial Quake TC, X-Men: The Ravages of Apocalypse, for which Derelict became the primary texture artist. Meanwhile, he was also working on another commercial Quake 2 TC, Vengeance, which saw him create some 700 map textures in just two and a half months. The great number of textures and limited amount of time on these two projects meant that originality may have been stunted, but as with the previous projects, the experience proved to be invaluable.

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