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The MailBag:
Issue 2.11

Comments by Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman
Vol. 2, Issue 11
February 11, 2000


Subject: Reviews are important <dammit>

I haven't read any negative review of Quake 3 to date.. I have however read reviews which often compare Q3 and UT, giving UT much better scores for gameplay value. As for these reviews and reviewers being worthless (TOTB article), I would have to disagree. Perhaps to a developer they are, but to your average gamer with 60 bucks to spend at a time with so many *good* games coming out, those reviews written by gamers who have played the games are important. Without those reviews, your forced to guess or read reviews in a magazine (when the magazine runs a 2 page ad after the review making you *wonder* if those extra review points were paid for and if the game is as good as they write).

[TOTB] "... But come on. You know as well as I do too often making a review is more about making the reviewer famous and the site popular than making an accurate, useful observation on the product being reviewed."

A website or umm... 'reviewer elite' is still going to get the same amount of hits if the review is bad or good. If people WANT to read that site's opinion on a specific game they will. It doesn't matter if the game scored a 1% or 100%, the same people will read it, the site will get the same hits...

... and we gamers will just have a few more opinions and views on a game before we plunk down way too much money for them :)



Subject: <no subject>

If your going to work on a game, the spirit of gaming needs to show it. If your working hard to the point where you hate it, its going to show in the game.

The best of the best of people show that "Caring about your work" works.

Paul McCartney put Care into his music, see where it put him. Ok, well you may think his music 'sucks", that can be just your confrontational ways. Just conjecture. I can role play that. Q3A has definately a lot of work behind it, but without the caring, it can be no better than the quick mods and maps a newbie throws together. It takes skill to map, code, build a game like Q3A, and to do it right. The game took 4-5 months longer to make than Q2? that should make it a better quality game.

Perhaps you shouldnt listen to reviewers, but they give you a feedback about the game, and treading boards is another way to get feedback, good, bad or ugly. An artist will paint and the viewers will muse, that is what the result is. They aren't the artist or know the tools to do so, but they will know what they like or not.

Have you seen the movie Man On The Moon? Its about Andy Kaufman. It also has an underlying statement about performer/audience relationships. A must see.


While I don’t think anyone could argue that id does not care about Quake 3: Arena, dinwitty has a point. When this many reviewers all say the same thing, maybe there’s some truth to it?

Ultimately, a review is opinion, and we all have our own opinions. Good reviews or bad, they’re read just the same. In fact, the smartest thing when looking into games is to read both a good and bad review of a game (assuming you can find one of each). Get the full picture, then make up your own mind.


- Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman may possibly be the world's worst Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings player. She still loves it, though.



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