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Vol. 2, Issue 2
November 19, 1999

The MailBag

Issue 2.2

Comments by Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman



Sometimes people just confuse me...

Subject: Your back

Thank God........your back, Wish I could take that long of a vacation! But you've earned it. When the hell is Stead, god of low ploy modeling, coming back with some new rants and tutorials? I know He is busy with Q3 but come on...give me something new! Excellent job Loony boys, no more vaca's alright!

Sincerely, StinkyGreedBud

Paul Steed and his column will return as soon as Quake III: Arena ships. Hopefully that will be sooner, rather than later. And hey..we’re not all loony BOY’s, ya know.

From: MKulikov
Subject: deerhunter2

Read your comments on deerhunter. I would agree with your comment on how the game tends to run slowly on even the biggest P.C. out there. The trick to the game is that you really have to think like a deer hunter. For the first few days, I too seemed to wonder about for hours without seeing anything.Then you start learning the "accessories" (tools of the hunt) and start baggin the bucks. I do have a question for you. We are searching for a game that is somewhat of a kickoff of the deerhunter. In this game, the deer shoot back. Have you heard of this game and it's title. If so, please drop me a quick line. Thanks.

I think the game you’re talking about is called “Natural Fawn Killers” and the demo came out a couple of months ago. All joking aside, it actually is kind of fun, if you’re not easily offended and you like tasteless humor. In this, you play the deer, and shoot the hunters. Check it out at http://www.fiendishgames.com/new/nfk_home.htm . Deer Hunter itself is rather boring. At least this one has a fun twist to it.

Online gaming (two letters from the same guy!)

From: Red Barchetta
Subject: About your pro gaming article

Dear Bobbi,

One big thing I noticed you might not be aware of is The CLQ, (Champions League for Quake).


No more logging into a server and not worrying about being ranked. If the server you're playing on is sending a heartbeat, then chances are you are being logged, recorded, and sent to CLQ HQ to be added their simply gigantic database. Just take a look around and you will see how the days of anon gaming are over 8( Here are some links to your records. Remember these are for anyone using the same name you might use so the records might be flawed.



Clan PMS team stats

Enjoy! 8)
Red Barchetta

a.k.a. Redd B.{C-M}

I know the CLQ well, and left it out of the article for a pretty good reason...I believe using the CLQ as an accurate depiction of ranking players is a huge mistake. Just take my record as an example (which you so kindly provided links for). Now, as “Bobbi” it lists me playing TFC and Quake III, which I do, but also Lithium, Jailbreak, and Action Quake II, which I have never played. So there’s another Bobbi out there, so that’s not accurate. Then look at PMS-Bobbi. According to that, the last time I played Quake III was in July. I play Quake III, if not nightly, then pretty damn near it. The reason I’m not showing up on the CLQ’s rankings is because I probably don’t play on servers they track.

In other words...the only people with really good rankings in the CLQ are those who make sure they always play on CLQ servers. While the CLQ is a great idea, in practice, it just doesn’t work, there are just too many servers out there for it to track them all.

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