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Vol. 2, Issue 4
December 3, 1999

The MailBag

Issue 2.4

Comments by Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman



Pretty butterflies.

Subject: Heathers Myth 2 blasphemy

" I kind of wish I could have just left him there and gone on, but alas, you just can't do that. The map is pretty and there are plenty of falling leaves and butterflies and stuff, so I can't complain too much"

Pretty? Falling leaves? BUTTERFLIES?! Myth2 is about evil undead armies, savage butchering demons, exploding bodies, flying limbs, grisly war and overwhelming odds.

Butterflies. Thats just greeeeaaaaaat. How am I ever going to play one of my favorite games again? Its been ruined. Ruined I say!

Keep her away from Quake 3 please.

All of which, need I point out, she mentions, at some point or another, in her column.

Ok..and allow me to ruin Quake 3 for you. Well, first off, Skippy Quake is just too cute for words. And then Quake 3 guy, he’s just so tough looking...a girl could swoon. Now, the sounds are just so sweet, like you don’t really want to kill each other, you just want to be friends, but there are these funny little guns in your hands, so you dance around killing each other instead! It’s so poetic, really...

EA or EAX?

Subject: recent sound article

I noticed something while reading the most recent 3D sound article:


The author made this comment: "(EAX stands for Environmental Audio. What the

X is for is anyone's guess. Probably means the same as the GTX letters you get on cars)." I had an SBLive once, and I remember just from reading documentation and stuff that EAX is Environmental Audio Extensions, and EAX and "Environmental Audio" are not the same thing.

I'm sure that was really helpful, now go yell at that guy or something. =]

-=/ DinK

Hmmm. I tried to find my SB Live documentation, but it’s probably in the same place as my gun set user manual I desperately need. I always thought EAX stood for Environmental Audio, but what do I know. :)

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