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Game, Set, Match!
King of the World

By Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman
Vol. 2, Issue 6
December 15, 1999 

id has always publicly stated that they would do everything to stop cheating, but a very vocal few continue to point out the exploits of Quake II. Will id continue to update Quake III Arena to remove exploits as they are found? What does id do internally to find these cheats?

A good example of our efforts along these lines is with the "pure" server option. That doesn't prevent all cheating, but it's a step in the right direction. We'll do things that we can reasonably do that don't detract from the game experience.

What do you think about men using female models in Quake II/III in competitions because 'they're smaller'? Which model would you use?

I'm going to guess that Quake III Arena tournaments will restrict players to a choice of the more "normal" models and restrict the use of models such as Orbb to address model variance issues or allow players to use the "forcemodel" command. The bounding boxes are all the same, of course. I like the Visor model a lot and Xaero is fun to play with, but I've played with several others. One thing I highly recommend is for people to play around and experiment. There are 89 skins on 20+ models that are included with the game so you shouldn't limit yourself to just one or two.

Who would win an in internal Quake 3 tournament at id? :)

We had one a few months ago and Carmack beat me in the final.


id is definitely, at least for now, king of the world of competitive gaming (and John Carmack is one lethal deathmatch player...he slaughtered yours truly at QuakeCon this summer in a rather embarrassing 1 on 1 match).

Future months will tell if that will stay so. The CPL Event being planned for March has not yet announced what game they will be using, and i2e2 is using Unreal Tournament (by Epic Games) for their tournaments (at least those that have been announced) to be held across the country this year. Will it come down to which company is more supportive of competitive gaming? Or will it be features like the ‘pure server option’ that Todd pointed out that will sell organizations on using one game over the other. If software companies are indeed liable for cheats within their game, will a feature like this be a safeguard against potential lawsuits? Will games like Unreal Tournament be forced to put features like this in to compete?

As always, it’s a huge, complicated world out there, and we’re just looking at I, one little piece at a time. Only time will tell whether Quake will continue to dominate, or if it will be unseated by Unreal Tournament (or others...both Soldier of Fortune and Daikatana are showing potential for competitive gaming).

- Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman needs to come up with better taglines.


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