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The 1999 loonygames Awards

Text by Jason Bergman
Vol. 2, Issue 7
December 21, 1999 

Console Awards

Dreamcast Game of the Year: Soul Calibur

Chances are that everyone you know that owns a Dreamcast also picked up a copy of Soul Calibur to go along with it. And why the heck wouldn't they? It's quite possibly the best looking game ever made, and it sets new standards for the amount of extras required in home-conversions of fighting games. Top it all off with a really entertaining cast of characters, and you've got a classic in the making.


N64 Game of the Year: Jet Force Gemini

This quirky shooter features Juno, Vela and Lupus the Dog in their quest to save the universe. Sound strange? (Actually, it sounds a little like MDK, doesn't it?) It is, but boy is it fun. The game is played from a third person perspective, and it's huge. Really huge. If you're expecting Tomb Raider, don't even bother...this one's going to take you a looong time to finish. But hey...it's worth it. The game also features a co-op mode, and four player deathmatch. How cool is that?


Playstation Game of the Year: Silent Hill

In a year that Resident Evil 3 was released, you wouldn't expect a different survival horror game to take our prize, but here we are. For all intents and purposes, Silent Hill shouldn't have been as good a game as it is. It's totally derivative of Resident Evil, and yet it manages to surpass the game in many ways.

For starters, unlike Resident Evil, the game is played in a fully 3D environment, which allows for far more frightening camera movements (although it does, admittedly add in camera issues). The game's story isn't nearly as cliché as Resident Evil, and the characters are actually fleshed out. Since the game was actually released at the beginning of the year, there's a pretty good chance that you can find it available really cheap at your local store. Check it out...you won't regret it (unless you scare easily).


Handheld Game of the Year: Pokemon Pinball

What the heck is wrong with us? Pokemon Pinball won by a virtually unanimous vote. Pretty strange...very strange in fact. This weird little game is essentially just pinball...but it features some genuine innovations by mixing in all those weird little monsters. Is it revolutionary? Heck, no. But at the same time, it is really addicting (especially if played on an Airplane). The rumble feature is annoying, no question about it. But the game itself is fun enough to justify getting the game anyway.


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