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Vol. 2, Issue 7
December 24, 1999

The MailBag

Issue 2.7

Comments by Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman



All about the awards...

Subject: Action vs. Deathmatch

In general, I found your "Game of the Year" awards to be quite well thought out and reasonable. I was a bit surprised to see Omikron in the running, but since it didn't win, I can't complain. I have one minor complaint, however.Having separate categories for "Action" and "Deathmatch" seems a lot like a cop-out to me. This is compounded by the fact that these awards are presented on the same page; it really looks like these two categories were created simply so Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament could both receive awards and less controversy be generated. I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt, as your publication does not strike me as one whose editorship fears controversy, but in my personal opinion, refusing to pit Q3 against UT is a weak move, in avoidance of serious critical evaluation.

Marcus Yamashita

Omikron fully deserved to win, in my opinion..itís one of the most original games Iíve seen in ages, and a ton of fun to play. The action vs. deathmatch thing, oh, I know, I asked the loon himself about it. He swore they were different, and I guess they are. After all, I recently was part of a buyerís guide that has both an action and first person shooter category, and I never questioned that. Nobody has questioned that, actually...and isnít deathmatch just a different term for the same thing

Subject: Thanks for supporting System Shock 2

I am not affiliated with the creators of system shock 2, but I, being a big Quake guy (http://www.clanjungle.com) played and _loved_ system shock 2 but unfortunately very few people seem to know about this game.

In fact, I probably wouldn't have played it myself except I got it for a birthday present <embarrassed grin>. Why wouldn't I have played it? The main reason was because it wasn't using the Quake engine, honestly. That may seem silly, but I figured it wasn't worth my time if it didn't have the touch of Carmack somewhere in it.

But I was wrong. Despite the engine not being up to paar with Quake (IMO), it was still good enough to not detract from the _awesome_ storyline and _awesome_ atmosphere.

Everyone who liked Half Life should play this game!!!

Subject: best online game of the year


must have the everquest on there in the awards somewhere.

most addicting

game most likely to cause you and your girlfriend to break up

most likely to forget to eat

etc etc ;-)


I wanted a Role Playing Game category, but for Asheron’s Call, not EverQuest. So, um, no. :)


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