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Issue 2.7

Comments by Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman
Vol. 2, Issue 7
December 24, 1999 

Subject: 1999 Awards (comment)

I liked the way your "Top 1999 loonygames Awards" dogged the bullet of which FPS is the best (Q3 or URT). Both games kick ass, so why bring either down.

Dana Frost

P.S. Pun not intended or avoided...

Everyone has a favorite, as in all things. We all voted here, so what you’re seeing is the majority favorite at loonygames, nothing more, nothing less.

Subject: gk3

Gabriel Knight 3 is the best adventuregame of 1999

um. Ok...


Some people read things a little TOO closely...

Day and night I am plagued by a calamity of unfathomable proportions at loonygames. It isn't a lack of article quality (I should hope not, I love this stuff). It isn't the fact that User Friendly never seems to get updated properly. It's something far, far worse.

"Villain" is misspelled.

It's not so much that, as the fact that the typo has managed to seemingly go unnoticed since loonygames volume 2 first came around. Maybe it's that it's teeny print, and so isn't very important; but every time I'm at the bottom of a page with the "you cartoonish villian, you" line, I cringe.

You don't HAVE to fix it, of course. But you could always nominate me for the Most Spelling-Obsessed Reader Award.


Jonathan, if seeing a mispelled word really hurts you so terribly...please...get out more.

A letter from Brazil.

Subject: Help!

hi there, how are you doing? sory to bother but i think in this case we really need your help...our governament is getting crazy, a new revelation we were able to find in the procedure of the 6 banned games from last week...last 20th the follow was on a major pc news website here in brazil...(i´ll translate, so plz be patience with my english;)

"Even with the possibility of creating an age tag/limit for violent games the objective of the Procuradoria da República (our governamet) is to keep the banishment (prohibited) of all excessive violent games and to includ new titles as the technical analises can be done. the first of the list is QUAKE.
"the process of avaliation of a game is a complicated task. it requires the contact with numerous professionals in the areas of psicology, medicine and education. We can´t do other analises imidiately, but do so is part of our plans. A lot of pepople mentioned the lack of Quake on the last week banishment. As for now its the only game title we coagitated a research to get it prohibited", says Fernando de Almeida, procurador da República em Belo Horizonte (one of the mans behind all this). The process of investigation of the games started at 17th of last september when (i think its like an america congressman) vereador of PSB of Belo Horizonte Betinho Duarte end the deputada federal Maria Elvira get in an 130 violent games. As the list was too large, 6 of them were elected for an technical study (Doom, Postal, Mortal Kombat, Requiem, Blood e Duke Nukem). the choice was made based on an story of a magazine (non games magazine) that compared the level of violence of several games"
After a complete study made by a team of medics, shrinks and pedagogs (damn my english sux, sory guys) the six games were pointed as being very violents e forwarded fot the Justice Departament, that assigned the document and oficializing the prohibition of those games in Brazil. "The prohibition will never have total effectiveness, since those games can be downloaded from the internet, but have a high political value in the way to alert parents about the bad influence for the kids education that these games make."

well...we are very worried here, what we thought was just some guy wanting votes now became a fuckin nightmare, if this goes on and at least one game falls on the future prohibition, after that they will have precedents to do whatever they like about witch games or not will be allowed here...i just talked with the major games distributer here in Brazil and he says they cant do it, he already mobilized his lawyers to bring on the studies the were made on the carmaggedon game some years ago...that proved that games wont educated killers (the main issue of justice departament is that they still blame that theater assassination due to Duke nukem3D). i mada an agreement with the president of that games distributor...i´ll do a petition letting all gamers write down what they think about it and telling their experiences with violent games, so when he will deliver the carmageddon files, i´ll deliver the mails as well. i setted up an account on my site and asked to all brazillian gamers to join us and write even to be a simple e-mail telling whatever (just asked to be polite, not to get us misunderstooded again by some pricks). Since all your sites (sending this to some of you guys) have a (veeeery) bigger range of getting gamers to help (and i think that if here it´ll go forward others countrys govs will follow), i ask kindly and desperate for help if u can stick this link to our petition...we arent getting enough mails to impress them :((( we just want once and for all that they take us for normal people.

thnks a lot, we hope you can always count on us as we count on you...gamer is a gamer whether in mars or jupiter.
This is with the knowledge of 3 of our main gamming sites here, if u gonna cote, plz do to all or never mind
migNAz from hardINFO
ZER.Ø Crash from KingMob
FooFighter from Slipgate

anyway, i´ll keep u posted on news regarding this matter...and keep up, your sites are our favorites, excelent job :)))



- Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman may possibly be the world's worst Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings player. She still loves it, though.



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