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Vol. 2, Issue 8
January 14, 2000

The MailBag

Issue 2.8

Comments by Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman



Some people didnít agree....

Subject: UT Action Game of the Year.

Now I'm even more disappointed with your Looneytunegames site. I have never really liked it. Sorry.

As far as UT as Action Game of the Year, there is just so many bad things I want to critizice about your site, that I'll just let you figure out what I am thinking about it.

I don't know how people like Paul Steed even dares to have a column in your site.


Yes, I'm a stupid diehard Quaker, the kind of people that has made your host, Blue's News, what it is today.

Marcus Yamashita

I’m a diehard Quaker too, but I can understand why certain people here chose UT over Q3. Everyone has their own opinions, our awards are ours. We just tell you what we’re thinking instead of making you figure it out.

Subject: Game of the Year Awards...

Greetings loony gamers,

How does Final Fantasy 8 win 'console game of the year', when it was a PlayStation game? Clearly you felt Silent Hill was the better Playstation game, as evidenced by your 'Playstation game of the year' award. Does this make sense?

Over at www.Gamespot.com, they gave Everquest 'game of the year' but Planescape: Torment was judged a superior RPG, taking home 'RPG of the year'. Everquest was a nominee for this award. Something funny is going on here.

I'm sure countless other publications have made similar conflicting judgements. In future perhaps it would make more sense to make the 'best of <genre>' winners the nominees list for 'game of the year'.

Or am I just nuts? :)

You're right, actually, it's something I think nearly every publication does. Games that don't get 'game of the year' win the best in their category, instead of one game sweeping the list. I guess it makes for more awards to give away, but it is kinda strange, huh.



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