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The MailBag:
Issue 2.8

Comments by Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman
Vol. 2, Issue 8
January 14, 2000


On those QA folks...

Subject: Testing Article

That was an excellent article on testing (by Nick Ferguson). I'm a Lead Tester at EA, and I found it to be the most accurate I've yet seen about the work involved. Most people, even gaming journalists, are sadly misinformed about the whole development process, and testing seems to be the least understood. Thank you.

To every tester, QA and the like out there....thank you for what you do, I have no idea how you do it.

Dangerous Dave?

Subject: hidden area

Hi, I still love playing the original 'Dangerous Dave' game. The first one with 10 levels and some hidden ones. There is an unaccessable area in the 3rd level along the top at the end of the level. How do you get into that area?

Thanks very much,

I've actually never heard of this game...anyone have any help for Rich? (do I really need to say again how there are websites for hints and tips...much better ones for that purpose than loonygames?)

I don't get what it is with sound systems...

Subject: DTS Games


I don't think I could possibly agree with you anymore. There are some outstanding possibilities with DTS in games, but like you said, it just isn't really feasible due to the size limitations.

I also couldn't agree with you more about DK64. What a great game, and the sound is incredible with just simple surround! It would have been AWSOME to hear it in even AC-3 let alone DTS.

Here is the reason for my email...I take it you have a AC-3 and/or DTS decoder and sound system, but can you really hear the difference between the two in a movie? I can't and I consider myself on this side of "loony" when it comes to being an audiophile. There is only one area where I can hear the difference, and it is extremely mild in comparison and that is in the musical selections. I have an audio only CD sampler my brother-in-law gave to me from Chicago (read-I can't get you a copy because I am in California) and it is simply breath-taking. I have 5 and .1 speakers all perfectly positioned in my media room and to hear in-sync (yes, I believe you may give me shit about that one) =) coming from each individual channel all around in perfect harmony gives me the chills. Aside from that one audio CD, I can't hear a bit of difference, so does it really matter if DTS or AC-3 is enabled? I would vote for just plain 'ol AC-3 (plain 'ol, HA!)

Enough of my rambling. Thanks for letting me bend your ear and let me know what you think of my question if you get some free time.

Brad Zaharee
"Check-M8" - q3a name

I don't get it. But I can tell you that loony was in heaven the first time he heard "Saving Private Ryan" on his new setup, so I guess there is a difference. Don't think I could hear it though, I'm still perfectly happy with my one speaker on the television set. :)

- Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman may possibly be the world's worst Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings player. She still loves it, though.


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