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Under Cover - Durrenberger David

By Rowan "Sumaleth" Crawford
Vol. 2, Issue 9
January 24, 2000

Sumaleth: What other programs apart from Milkshape have you done logos or menus for recently?

dines: Voodoo Movie, Java MD3 Viewer, and a French chat program called MTPC. I just wish that NPherno woukd accept that I do one for the wonderfull NST :).

Sumaleth: I've seen some menu art for things like Hugi (disk magazine) and Winamp too.

click to enlarge!

A logo for the budget 3D modeling/animation program, Milkshape. (8k).

dines: Oh yes, I use Winamp a lot so I did 2 skins (one unfinished). I love MP3 =).

Sumaleth: And you've been doing a little bit of game work lately, like model skins?

dines: Yes, 3D models always impressed me. I am doing some work (skins, modeling) with Section 9. Maybe I will do some animation in the future, but I found this very hard.

Sumaleth: Do you plan to do more 3D work in the future?

dines: Of course, this is my goal. First with low poly models, and some rendering too, but I don't want to miss a step so I will start slowly (like I did 4 years ago with drawing).

Sumaleth: Who are your artistic influences? It's difficult to pinpoint any influences in your (unusual) style.

dines: A lot of people said that it looks like old Amiga games. I do appreciate this because Amiga was one of my first loves (after the Amstrad CPC6128). Maybe a touch of cartoon too, and some rust from Quake ;).

Sumaleth: A little like Dan Malone (original Bitmap Brothers artist) perhaps?

dines: Oh yes, Bitmap Brothers! Wow, I remember the dino he drew for the game where you travelled in time.

Sumaleth: Heh, we're back to dinos are we? :)

dines: =)

Sumaleth: Are there any artists, past and present, that inspire you?

dines: Boris Vallejo - very impressive artist. My favorite. So much artwork and such talent.

click to enlarge!

A logo for the budget 3D modeling/animation program, Milkshape. (43k).

Sumaleth: Vallejo has long been a favorite with demo scene artists. I wonder what it is about his work that resonates so strongly in young digital artists.

dines: From the demoscene, maybeMade/Bomb, and Lazur. And maybe you a little since I discover the Quake scene thanks to you ;).

Sumaleth: You discovered the Quake scene because of me?

dines: On your webpage, with the Quake 2 bot software, I don't remember the name.

Sumaleth: Ah, Ridah's Eraser bot.

dines: I was on the web to find it and I discover your art. I was impressed and checked all the page. I went crazy when I found your model mapped so cool and even animated =)

That's where I saw that Quake was more that just a game, Quake is a school to future talents.

Sumaleth: Before we finish, thanks for doing last weeks cover in record time!

dines: No problem. I like loonygames a lot so it's like my little contribution =).

More of dine's work can be found on his web page, The 3rd Dimension.

- Rowan "Sumaleth" Crawford is loonygames' Supervising Art Director.


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