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Take a look through some of the musty, dusty archives for some great content that's just slightly too old to make our contents page!


Issue 1.1:

Chris Taylor Gets Some: The creator of Total Annihilation sits down with the man behind Duke Nukem for an exclusive interview. Plus: Rich Wyckoff on originality, Josh Vasquez on Quake II, Paul Steed on .plans, and more!

Issue 1.2:

Can Games Make You Sick?: Jeff Solomon investigates the growing problem of motion sickness in 3D games. Plus: Stephen "Blue" Heaslip rants! loonyboi forsakes Quake? And Rich Wyckoff takes on emulators!

Issue 1.3:

Hail to the King, Baby! Our first special issue takes a look at Duke Nukem...the man, the myth...the MAN. Articles include: "Is Duke Sexist?" by Stephanie Bergman, a special followup to our first issue's interview, with George Broussard being interviewed by Chris Taylor, Josh Vasquez takes on Duke, and much, much, more!

Issue 1.4:

Play Where You Like! Jeff Solomon takes a look at the wide world of games outside of Windows. PLUS: Paul Steed on creating models for Quake 3: Arena, Rich Wyckoff on the death of multiplayer gaming, a look at Final Fantasy VII, and of course...lots more!

Issue 1.5:

Taking Aim at Paul Steed! id Software modeller Paul Steed talks candidly about Quake 3: Arena, life in the gaming industry and much more! PLUS: Code on the Cob does DirectX! loonyboi looses his attention span, a look at The Simpsons game, a profile of Kevin Murphy, and lots more!

Issue 1.6:

DRAW, Pardner! Our feature article looks at the wide world of 2D art...its history, and how its done. PLUS: loonyboi gets sick, a look at Half-Life day one, and tons more!

Issue 1.7:

The Community Summit! Representatives from the largest sites out there sit down for this exclusive discussion of the gaming community. PLUS: a Bargain Bin look at Deer Hunter, a profile of Aurora "Vangie" Beal, and much, much, more!



Credits:Illustrations © 1999 Dan Zalkus. All other content is © 1999 loonyboi productions. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited, and a waste of your time, because we'll find out about it. We've got spy satelites. Seriously. And put some clothes on, for goodness' sake.