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Issue 1.8:

LAN Parties: It's a Scene, Baby!: Charles "Bedman" Bedford checks in with all the info you need to start your own LAN party. Plus: Paul Steed on egos, Dakota profiled, and Half-Life meets Trespasser!

Issue 1.9:

Gettin Odd with the loonies!: Jason "loonyboi" Bergman interviews Lorne Lanning, one of the screwballs from Oddworld Associates. Plus: Josh Vasquez on Wipeout XL, Chris Hargrove on architechture, and a look at Zork?

Issue 1.10:

Hail to the King, Baby! Jeff Solomon follows up on his original Sick of Games article with this piece. Plus: loonyboi laments Crack.com, and Jonathan Clark (Crack's former owner!) gives his account of the last days of Crack!

Issue 1.11:

Hangin' Out with John Romero! Stevie "Killcreek" Case interviews John Romero, the man behind Doom, Quake and the upcoming Daikatana! Plus: a major Paul Steed tutorial, Trish Gray (of Eidos) on Lara's breasts, and we sniff butts with the Webdog!

Issue 1.12:

When it's Done! Rowan Crawford looks at the world of game design deadlines. Plus: Paul Steed's tips on getting into the industry, Cliffy B on level design, and the debut of User Friendly on loonygames!

Issue 1.13:

Blue and Levelord Get Drunk! We're not joking, either. Check out this great interview with two of the coolest guys around. Plus: Penny Arcade! Angel Munoz on the creation of the CPL, and more!

Issue 1.14:

NT + Games = ??? Jeff Solomon investigates Windows NT...its past, present and future. What does the announcement of Windows 2000 mean for gamers? Plus: The return of Geek Toys! Beaker's Game Design 101, and more!

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