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Vol. 2, Issue 1
November 12, 1999

The MailBag

Issue 2.1

Comments by Jason "loonyboi" Bergman

Since this is our first week back, and there are a number of questions that only I could actually answer, I'll be handling this week's MailBag. Don't worry, next week, my sister, the fabulous Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman will return to this spot, but for now, you'll just have to put up with me.

Anyway, on to the letters!

Two from the hiatus...

From: CyniC
Subject: Good God, I needed the hiatus almost as much as you must :)

Well that's kind of an exaggeration I suppose... but it finally gave me the time to catch up on your issues. You post so much quality content, your (relatively) small team of writers puts out more content than I can read, and since it's all great I can't pick and choose. Way to crack the whip, Loony :) And thanks to everyone else for making this online magazine possible.


From: Levelord
Subject: Opinion? ...Opinion? ...I'll give you my opinion!

Where's my LoonyGames!?! Hiatus my ass! Get this shit up and going again! ... ;)

Actually, we only returned because we were scared of the wrath of Levelord. Who wouldn't be?

Time zone? What's a time zone?

From: Jon Forwick

Good ol' Loonygames... even with the hiatus/new facelift, its nice to see some things don't change (ie features missing their slotted day and so forth - of course Tuesday isnt quite over yet - Where's my damn Q3A pic?!)

Nice to have you back...

Jon here mixed up his time zones. We've been updating at 12:01 AM EST since Monday. :)

Gotta love the devotion.

From: Mike
Subject: sweet mother of buddha!!!!

oh sweet mother of god YOUR BACK!

oh you have no idea how long i have waited for this moment....how long ive sat on my couch watching Forgive or Forget wondering about ol' loony....how long ive stood outside my balcony, completely naked and holding a can of cranberries, screaming to the heavens about your absence...how long ive sat in my corner naked in the fetal position begging for one more paul steed tutorial....now my life can resume!

or would that be the other way around?

Those pesky kids.

From: Owen Williams
Subject: Penny Arcade

You were majorly dissed by Penny Arcade on the 10th of November. Don't worry, I love the resurrected loonygames, and it has a lot more content than one tumbleweed.

And the Blade Runner quote is still wrong.

Owen Williams

The Penny Arcade strip was funny, and not insulting in the least. Besides - they know better than to say something really nasty against us...we've got dirt on them like you wouldn't believe.


Okay, so maybe not. But I've heard they smell.

Hey, we can do that...

From: scoll
Subject: printing articles

Hello looneygames crew!

First of all - I love your magazine! The new outfit is kewl!

I wanted to ask if you couldn't include an oprion for printing out whole articles in plain text? Is that possible? (or to download)

Greetings and keep it going!


Hey, we can do that...all you have to do is ask. This has actually been one of the most requested features since our launch, and I'm pleased to report that it should be available as of Monday. We're just working out the kinks in the CGI script that will be handling it.

Wipe our feet?

From: Nicole Z.
Subject: welcome back the the insanity, please wipe your feet on the way in...

It's about time, I never thought you guys would get off your gunness guzzling behinds, and feed us more of the craziness. Way to make an entrance, American is one interesting character. He belongs back in the gaming community, and Alice will sure to make me stay up long past my bedtime. The demented outlook on wonderland is one that has been in the mind of many a stoner. (and other various chemicals) I have been waiting for a game to appear with such dementia, for the futuristic cyborg blood sports are becoming somewhat old. A nice twist was needed. I will take gothic horror over bizarre aliens any day. Wrapping up such a dark angle around timeless children’s literature, hints of irony and mockery of society's pristine view of such tales. With American's past accomplishments, this is sure to not disappoint


Jeez...who's the geek?

From: RadPipe
Subject: Super Mag!

Wow, what a great magazine! Keep up the good work guys!

(And smashing job on hiring your new Features Editor! ROCK!)

Just this guy

Our features editor, ladies and gentlemen. Of course, he won't be for long if he keeps using phrases like ROCK.

There you go, kids. I hope you've been enjoying our latest content. We'll be sure to keep it coming. :)

- Jason "loonyboi" Bergman is the editor-in-chief here at loonygames. He likes beer.


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