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Vol. 2, Issue 4
November 29, 1999
From the Mouth of Madness:

Happy Thanksgiving!

by Jason "loonyboi" Bergman

Hey there! Welcome to another thrill-packed issue of loonygames. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving (well, those of you who are in the US, anyway). And of course, I hope you can forgive us for taking a day off from last week (hey, at least it wasn't another hiatus). We'll be taking off a couple of days in the near future for Christmas and New Year's Day, so be prepared. Anyway, welcome back to loonygames!

Hey! Did you see this week's amazing cover by Dhabih Eng? Dhabih works for Valve Software these days, and it was great of him to take the time to contribute a cover. Look for a full Q&A with him in this week's edition of Under Cover, which will run tomorrow.

Be sure to check out Jake Simpsons' great article Sounds From All Over. Jake is a programmer at Raven Software, and he just oozes knowledge. Taking a quick read through the article, you'll find yourself learning a ton about positional audio - far more than you ever thought you'd know. It's really very interesting stuff.

What else do we have for you this week? We've got a brand new, daily comic strip! I'm very pleased to welcome Real Life to the loonygames family. Real Life is a daily comic strip about a pack of geeks, and it's very, very funny. I sort of accidentally stumbled into it one day when I probably should have been working, and I thought it would be perfect for this here site. Check it out, and I think you'll agree it makes a great addition to the site.

In our columns department, we've got a whole bunch of great new stuff, including Josh Vasquez's return to the land of zombies in Pixel Obscura and Heather Haselkorn's look at Myth II in Birth of a Gamer (both run tomorrow). Plus there's my look at the Neo Geo Pocket Color in a Pocket Full of Love, and a really special look at review of System Shock 2, written by a designer on the original System Shock. It's great stuff, be sure to check that out on Thursday.

Well, I hate to cut this column short, but I've got to run...sadly, this site doesn't update itself. :)

Until next time, stay loony!

- Jason "loonyboi" Bergman is the editor in chief here at loonygames.


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