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Inside Raven Software: Our definitive history of the company behind Hexen, Heretic and other classics.

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Hey, like what you've read so far? Check out the rest of our columns...we think you'll be impressed. We aim for diversity, and dangit, that's just what we've got.



Pixel Obscura takes a look at the growing convergence of videogames and cinema. Games are analyzed for their cinematic content not their gameplay. If you've ever played a game, and thought it was similar to a movie...chances are you're right...and Josh Vasquez, our resident film expert is here to point it out. Pixel Obscura is updated weekly.


Pad Happy is our bi-weekly look at the world of console games. Swing by Pad Happy for Nick F's regular dose of reviews, commentary, and more from the world of console games.


How'd They Do That? is our bi-weekly forum where readers can send in their questions about game design, and the designers themselves answer it. No quesiton is too odd. Trust us.


The Community Profile takes a look at the people behind all your favorite websites...take a look at not only what they're like individually, but get a glimpse at the websites they frequent as well! Community Profile is updated every week.


From the Mouth of Madness is loonyboi, the editor-in-chief here at loonygames' personal forum. Typical installments will detail what to expect from the site each issue, as well as the occaisional rant. From the Mouth of Madness is updated weekly.




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