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Developer's Corner



Are you a developer? Do you stay up long hours slaving on games so geeks can play 'em? Would you rather code all night than sleep? Then hey...this section's for you.

Of course, just because it's written by developers doesn't mean your average fan can't enjoy it...quite the opposite. Fans will get a kick out of these rare insights into the seedy world of game development...so check 'em out!



Thinking Outside the Box is Paul Steed's personal forum. In the odd numbered issues of loonygames, Paul speaks his mind on whatever it is that he's thinking about. Rarely conventional, often controversial, but always entertaining, Paul's column is not to be missed. In the even numbered issues, Paul takes a different approach, focusing on the skils needed to be a competent 3D artist. If you've been wondering how he does those funky models, be sure to read TOtB.



Behind the Curtain, is where you can get the straight dope on game development from Matt "Thraka" Gilbert, a console programmer at Stormfront Studios. Subjects include what it's really like to program for a next-generation console system, the truth about getting a job in the gaming industry, and tons more. Check out BtC in even numbered issues.


Painting on Polygons, is our guide to 2D game design. Swing by PoP for in-depth tutorials on making your own textures and more! By Christopher "shaithis" Buecheler, a freelance 2D game artist.


Code on the Cob, is Chris Hargrove's tutorial column...in each installment, Chris focuses on a different aspect of programming, as he slowly works towards completion of an original game. Part of the fun behind CotC, is the novelty of watching one of the premeire programmers in the gaming community at work...be sure to check each odd numbered column for a new installment.


The Guest Editorial is loonygames' forum for voices in the gaming industry. Each issue, a different member of the industry speaks his mind, on whatever he or she chooses. Contributors are diverse, and the rants are always topical. A new editorial runs in every issue of loonygames.



Beaker's Bent is Rich Wyckoff's own forum. Interestingly enough, this column was created after Rich enjoyed writing a Guest Editorial as much as he did. Rich's column runs in even numbered issues.


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