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Our features come in two flavors: interviews, and articles. Interviews run in odd numbered issues...the articles in the evens. Regardless of which one, features are updated every Monday.



Issue 1.1: Chris Taylor Gets Some

The creator of Total Anhiliation sits down with the man behind Duke Nukem for this exclusive interview. Find out what's in store for Taylor after leaving Cavedog behind to start his new company, Gas Powered Games.

Issue 1.2: Are You Sick of Games?

Jeff Solomon investigates the growing problem of motion sickness and 3D games.

Issue 1.3: George Broussard Gets Annihilated

In this special follow-up to our first issue's interview, George Broussard gets interviewed by Chris Taylor.

Issue 1.3: Is Duke Sexist?

Stephanie Bergman takes a look at this question that has plagued Duke since his release.

Issue 1.4: Play Where You Like!

Jeff Solomon looks at the world of gaming outside windows.

Issue 1.5: Taking Aim at Paul Steed!

Paul Steed, id Software 3D modeller and loonygames columnist sits down with Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman for this candid interview regarding Quake 3: Arena, life in the gaming industry, and lots more!

Issue 1.6: DRAW, Pardner!

Chris Buecheler, an artist himself, takes a gander at the world of 2D art in videogames. What it is, how it's done, and the whole scoop is right here.


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