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Move considered to be "ideal for all involved"

NEW YORK, NY, October 13: Blue's News, offering "all the carnage that's fit to post" for more than a fifth of a decade, and loonygames, whose motto is "Everything you could ask for in a gaming site... except news," proudly announce that loonygames is the newest addition to the Blue's News family, a vast network growing at the glacial pace of about one site per year. But the focus is on quality over quantity, as the article based content at loonygames ( ), makes a perfect compliment to Blue's News' ( ) award winning gaming coverage. Aside from more visible support on Blue's News, and perhaps the addition of some cheesy button dealie, the content of loonygames will remain unaffected by this move, as Blue is smart enough to know how stupid it would be to interfere with such a finely run site.

When interviewing himself for this release, Stephen "Blue" Heaslip, Editor-in-Chief, and Supreme Dictator for Life at Blue's News and cigar-smoking mogul publisher of Blue's News, JediKnight.Net, and now loonygames, asked himself for a perfunctory quote giving some good spin for this occasion, which inspired this reply: "loonygames is already considered one of the premiere magazine format sites on the Internet, and a personal favorite of mine. I'm proud of this association, and would say this a terrific partnership between sites that mesh really well to make a well-rounded resource for the serious gamer."

Jason "loonyboi" Bergman, Editor-in-Chief of loonygames, had this to say: "I dunno, I'm busy...make up a quote from me and I'm sure it will be fine."

This release contains forward-looking statements, gentle spin, and outright prevarication. But that's what PR is for, right?

About Blue's News:

Updated more times in a given day than is arguably healthy, Blue's News offers timely news on action games, more puns than you can Quake a schtick at, and the occasional offhanded remark. Started an unbelievable two and a half years ago by Stephen "Blue" Heaslip on a dare, the site has grown to remarkable heights, featuring its own domain, and perhaps some day even a search engine.

About loonygames:

Choosing to feature articles, editorials, interviews, and drunken ramblings, loonygames' "no news, dammit" policy has proven to be a hit with readers around the globe. Launched almost two whole months ago by Jason "loonyboi" Bergman, loonygames has been updated every weekday with original content, and the occasional spelling error.

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Jason Bergman
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