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Next Generation Online is proud to present loonygames, the web's leading resource for gamers fascinated by the intricacies of games. loonygames has been in production since August, 1998 and has gained a loyal following from game aficionados as a source of high-end features, editorials, and columns on the world of game design and production.

Effective November 30, 1998, will become Next Generation Online Presents loonygames, a Blue's News production. Select stories appearing on loonygames will be linked to from Next Generation Online and vice versa.

"Our readers are the gaming cognoscenti," Next Generation Online's Editor in Chief, Aaron John Loeb commented. "We make it our mission to provide them with clever and thoughtful editorial because anything else would be an insult to their prodigious intelligence. We have been looking to present some sites that offered editorial no one else has, and loonygames fits the bill. Their articles are funny, insightful, and unique."

Jason "loonyboi" Bergman, Editor in Chief of loonygames said, "This is a win-win situation for all involved. Next Generation Online has been the source of some of the Internet's best gaming content, and we're proud to contribute to such a quality site while increasing our own readership."

Steven Heaslip, aka Blue, publisher of loonygames tossed in his own comments. "I'm overwhelmed that Next Generation Online has shown such a great interest in loonygames after such a short time. It shows the impact the site has had on the games community. I look forward to a relationship that should be great for both sites."


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