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volume 1, issue 13

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Thinking Outside the Box:
A Peek Inside My Brain

By Paul "Villam" Steed

Click for fullsize image

So with the box gone I have a print out of the sketch or better I have it up on another monitor in Photoshop for reference. In Max I ‘edit mesh’ the cylinder so it conforms roughly to the neck outline I made. The points on top are going to probably end up 2d spikes so I don’t worry too much about them right now.

Click for fullsize image

Next I move the cylinder over to the line and divide the top edge to start on the first spike.

Click for fullsize image

I move the vertex up and back, flipping some edges off as I do (fuck ‘em).

Click for fullsize image

I kill the Materials Editor and make more room to make the other spike ala the first one. Divide- turn-move vertex-turn again, etc. I rotate around the head a little and check Sleeg’s head out.

Click for fullsize image

Now to trim his snout a bit since we don’t need a hexagonal shape when a diamond will work…

Click for fullsize image

When you create a cylinder in max it puts a vertex at the center of the end caps so let’s deal with those. The back one goes since that end will be in the torso. The end one at the nose gets pulled out to suggest a less boxy schnozz.


(Continued on next page)


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